In Berlin kostet mich der Corona Test, den ich vorsorglich vor dem Besuch meiner Eltern mache, 120,- Euro. In Bayern ist der kostenlos.

Musicbiz at it's worst... --> Live Nation cuts down artist fees and many other ridiculous things. This happens when a complete industry has no lobby.

“Ja klar flieg ich in den Urlaub, ist ja wie Bahn fahren...” Ich weine.... und sinke noch tiefer in meine selbstauferlegte Quarantäne vor dem anstehenden Besuch meiner Eltern....

Day 2 of Thiagis Flexible Workshop about to start. Using these great cards is a bliss. Get them here (German and English available)

Need to register at a Microsoft portal to verify some potential job interview dates. For this, I need to receive a verification code via mail. This mail arrives so late, that it's already expired. Any ideas? 5+ attempts including partial blocking of my access.......


"Streaming services aren’t designed for [picking out] music ... that’s different. Freaks on the music scene do that, music writers do that, really skilful radio programmers do that. [T]he algorithm is never going to do that.”




Meine Kollegïnnen versuchen gerade herauszufinden, aus welchen Gründen Menschen *nicht* bei mitmachen. Viele von euch haben dazu doch sicher was zu sagen; es wäre super, wenn ihr zur Aufklärung beitragen könntet: Dankö!


Swimming becomes so much better in 2020 and..... cheaper. 🐬🐠

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Learning today about --> which is a form of cognitive bias
I can so relate to this already as I got so much asked about my DJing background instead of my professional background.

Ein Schelm wer Böses dabei denkt....

Hintergrund: Das Yaam hat noch einen sehr..... sehr langen Mietvertrag.

Gentrification always comes with a certain smell...


Der Club ist geschlossen worden. Der Bezirk begründet das damit, dass die Ufermauer der marode sei. Die Clubbetreiber werfen der Behörde "endgültige Verdrängung" vor.


Beautiful: musicForProgramming

A series of mixes intended for listening while +task+ to aid concentration and increase productivity

My tip: #49 Julien Mier

made by


Work together.
Create simple things in small steps.
Be meticulous about composition.
Validate before, during, and after.
Know the problem you are solving.
Release ridiculously often.
Automation over documentation.


Would you do a trip through Germany in a rental e-car?

Need a place in Berlin? Sub-letting my flat from 12th to 29th of July.

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