Feedback Day! (still puzzled... due to so many experiences in the past...)
7 Things to Do the Night Before a Review (if You Want it to Go Well)

On the back of the case is a little button which I haven't seen. This makes the job. Case closed. YEIIH!

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(still not connected... 2 hours later) The other "universe" (iphone, Laptop) is connected via iCloud which my work station doesn't belong to. Can THIS be a reason for this? (not sure if there is help there...)

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Hello! Looking for nice online portfolios of frontend devs. Which ones stroke you as particularly well done? Audio related a plus.


Is there a trick to get new bluetooth devices quicker connect to an apple mac pro?
Trying to connect my AirPods since 1 hour, no success....

Why is Shanty-Music suddenly everyone's darling? What did I miss here?

Finally I bought the AirPods 2nd Gen. Can I have these implanted please?

So, hab jetzt die letzte Freakshow gehört. Ich will JETZT sofort wieder zurück in die und alle Dinge finden, die ich übersehen habe. Ich denke nicht, dass da irgendein mithalten kann.
... bidde...

Nerds and Nerdettes: What do I need to know / install when i want to join via Minecraft?

The Notwist <3 [cc]
"Alles steht Kopf. Von einem Moment auf den anderen kann sich alles ändern. Nix ist fix."

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Charly Brooker's flashback to 2020
Amazingly great! Who else could do a better job in looking back to 2020 as my fave dystopian filmmaker?

2,5 hours of wonderful chill - von -->

(gonna make a playlist with all available mixes soon...)

<<- and now: Back to work. Heads down, working 🎧

Und hier noch eine neue Ausgabe von - es geht viel um den Kongress und wie sich geirrt hatte (oder besser: sehr skeptisch der ganzen Geschichte gegenüber stand)) und darüber offen spricht.

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