I met Goldie himself again some years later at MELT festival and we had some chats .
Sadly it was the end of the glory days in the music biz and the high expectations of Goldie didn't work out...
If you are interested in the whole story, read:
John Niven's "Kill Your Friends"

21 years ago I had the pleasure to work for a major label and one of my first artists and releases was this one: Goldie - Saturnz Returnz
So glad to see my nowadays fave producer Djrum has done a remix of this track. goldie.ochre.store/

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"Ich mag's nicht, wie du bist, wenn der Frust dich frisst
Du mit verkniffenem Gesicht deinen Hass rauslässt
Wenn du Wohnungslose & Journalisten disst
Und von Geflüchteten als Touristen sprichst"

Deshalb setzt auch @fettesbrot@twitter.com beim ein Zeichen für ! ❤️

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📹 –> The Cowboy Trap Song gots a fresh new video, scenery: Area51 Love it! Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, & Mason Ramsey – Old Town R… tmblr.co/ZgJKNw2jc505O

Beatport Link offers streaming for DJ's
Hmm.. will it take off or is it inevitable?
How Streaming Is About to Reshape DJ Culture as We Know It
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Jens Balzer im österreichischen Skug Magazin über Pop, Kritik und Pathos

Warum hab ich eigentlich seine Lesung in Wandlitz verpasst? Hmm..

Spannend zu lesen und ein bisschen nerdiger:
Eine weitere Perspektive aufs Problem „Tracking in Newslettern“

And we thought we learned a lesson from Cambridge Analytica.

Viral App FaceApp Now Owns Access To More Than 150 Million People's Faces And Names


Ach cool, @diplix@twitter.com hat MaiLab entdeckt. Sag ich doch: „…pure komprimierte Zeit, auf den Punkt, ohne Firlefanz und extrem Erkenntnisreich…..“
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Auweija... Twitters News Desktop UX was made by?...
- BackendDev (like: hey, can you quick add a bit of UX, not much, just the usual thing) ?

@Slugabedmusic@twitter.com of course its not Jazz as in Jazz but you know what I mean. Go and get it. Via Bandcamp, so the artist gets a big chunk of the shares. slugabed.bandcamp.com/album/an

--> Super duper remix from IVY Lab, this time 4 @Slugabedmusic@twitter.com His latest album is FREEJAZZ! tmblr.co/ZgJKNw2jZ7uBd

Coaching Teams That Do Not Want To Be Coached

+ a brilliant discussion in the Hands-On Agile Slack community

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