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If I access Tumblr from a European IP address now, it gives me this huge GDPR (the new privacy law) page.

They're the biggest assholes about it too. Instead of a toggle to turn off data collection and sharing, you have to flip (I'm not making it up) 217 individual sliders that they've made as tiny as possible so your hand cramps up.

Google Safe Browsing is a strange thing indeed. You can get an API key for their app, but unless you work out a deal with Google, you have a limit on "other requests". Google gives unlimited on the dangerous sites updates, but main list counts, so GNOME Web tried to add Safe Browsing and ran into limit. Any user who makes request 10,001+ that day gets empty list/no protection from bad websites. Unlimited requests if you feed URLs to Google as your users go, which allows Google to track them.

On some page loads, DuckDuckGo is trying to pull in a web bug from a site called summerhamster dot com.

ublock-origin prevents it from loading.

Anyone else seeing this?

Valve admits to flaws in Steam survey that made it under count GNU/Linux.

One of the flaws that they admit to was that last year when it looked like GNU/Linux share was going down, one of the things that had actually happened is that Steam was made available to users in China, and many people in China use internet cafes, and it was making the Steam survey pop up a bunch of times and inflating the Windows usage share stats.

The survey is only supposed to come up one time per year for each user.

Lubuntu 18.10 switching from LDDE to LXQt. I've been meaning to try this desktop out. We've absolutely needed a do-over as KDE is the leading Qt desktop environment on *nix and is full of bloat and decay.


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when you know theres some discourse going on but you havent seen it on your timeline yet

US: A homeless man was thrown in jail for three months for buying a meal at Burger King with a $10 bill. The employees called the cops and claimed it was counterfeit. It took the government three months to determine that the $10 bill was genuine.

Under Trump, the rich got a $3 trillion tax cut while people are living on the streets with no food and no health care.

Repeal and Replace Trump's buddies in Congress.


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Don't trust the Yubikey "smart card". It's 100% proprietary.

It's always amusing when a company that won't let you audit their product says "trust us".

Tribler still says that their "anonymous bittorrent client" is secure. Baloney. It is not secure. Their own forum has tons of people complaining that they used it and continued receiving infringement letters anyway.

Tribler is a research subsidy grant black hole for the EU. And they wonder why they're broke as hell.

The US export control list is pretty damned well impossible to enforce anyway. If I share copies of GNU/Linux on Bittorrent, and someone in Cuba connects to the swarm and grabs one, I've technically broken federal export law. Experts don't know how many federal crimes exist, but some people think there are over 40,000, not counting laws which make breaking another country's laws while you are there a federal offense in the US.

This is why everyone in America needs to start using VPNs and Tor.

"Security through obscurity." < Microsoft typically doles out Windows source code to every government on Earth that isn't part of the US Embargoed Nations List. That means that even Russia and China are getting it. No telling how many weaponized vulnerabilities governments sit on, but it's probably pretty bad.

The only people who definitely aren't getting the Windows source code are the good guys. The bad guys are getting it.

"Windows Subsystem for Linux" is still over 100 times slower than Ubuntu on bare metal in some cases, and significantly slower in most cases. WSL = Poor substitute


Humorous observation: Git is easier to learn than Vi.

The name of every US Senator that voted against net neutrality and when they're up for re-election:


Intel will keep lording over their domain because they have patents on most of the x86 features tht have been added since the mid 1990s, which means that it would take Microsoft's emulator years, decades, to support the features that software wants to use today.

There are projects to put an x86 CPU emulator in Wine, and maybe if your computer is really really fast, that'll work out okay, except that Macs are not fast, so unless you just want to run some boring office program, it's not an option.

But Microsoft is trying to step in it again, with a Windows on ARM system that relies heavily on a broken x86 emulator. Apparently, they didn't have enough losing last time and if anyone buys this not knowing that emulation is crap, the word will get out. 2/2

macOS is a good example of security through obscurity, because so few people bother to attack it even though the OS is ripe for abuse. The running joke being that the Mac can't even get _negative_ attention. I think they'll be sorry if they ever follow through on the rumored plan to ditch x86, because almost every Mac user, including the tech reporters, end up dual booting, running Wine, or running Windows in a VM. 1/2