I'm glad our next door neighbors are so nice. You know what those idiots at the post office did?

They delivered John's retirement loan check, that we need in order to live during Trump's shutdown, to them.

Glad there are still good people in the world. They brought it right over to me. Lots of people in Chicago would have been trying to cash it at Walmart.

House Democrats are investigating prescription drug pricing.

You know, that thing Trump promised to do, two years ago, when the average prescription drug prices were 16% lower than they are now, and he said they were "getting away with murder".

Whoopsie. More Real Facts.

Very sad that Trump can pay ISIS (anti-Assad forces in Syria), but he can't pay federal law enforcement officers.

Part of Trump's campaign against Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, has been to give US-made weaponry to ISIS affiliates in the region. So we're bombing ISIS in one place and giving them weapons, CIA training, and money in another. Very interesting. Almost Orwellian.... 2/2

Some facts:

ISIS (formerly al-Qaeda in Iraq) didn't exist until Bush caused the civil war in Iraq.

ISIS was largely formed from the sectarian Death Squads that were going door to door killing people after Saddam Hussein's government was toppled.

Israel hasn't launched any operations against ISIS, despite the fact that some ISIS positions are less than 30 miles from the Israeli border. The truth is they have no reason to want ISIS gone because ISIS is killing Muslims for not being extreme. 1/2

More US soldiers killed by ISIS in Syria.

"I have a plan. A very secret plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days." - Donald Trump

Day 726.


Nancy Pelosi sent a letter to Trump asking that he not appear to give his state of the union address and to send it as a letter to Congress instead.

Well, I don't think anyone really wants to hear more lies and propaganda from our failed president while this catastrophe of his making continues to unfold.


Now that the Democrats are running the House, they can finally say Nazis are bad after being completely silent about not only Steve King, but on Donald Trump's supporters (Nazis. What's the difference?) murdering anti-Nazi protesters for the last 9 years.

There's a lot of military and civilian DoD positions down in Texas.

Of course, the Republicans will even turn on our military when the shutdown means they aren't getting paid. It will be easy because they already don't care about the horrible shit our veterans saw in Iraq before coming home and being abandoned and going homeless.

I canceled the Netflix.

With everything that's going on around here, and with Netflix hiking their price again, I can't justify it at this time.

There are "other ways" to watch my shows until Trump feels like paying federal workers again.

Just like how Trump lies about everything. It's like fake stats from Big Brother.

The TSA call offs are getting so bad that airports can barely remain open, but thanks to the "Ministry of Truth", people who believe the administration would think the call off rate is only 7.7%. It's closer to 40-45%.

Winston Smith, in the book 1984, said that he didn't even consider his job as lying to the public. Merely substituting one piece of made-up rubbish for another.

That's life under the Trump regime.

The thing is that we can't cancel a lot of our bills even though they are running us out of money, or else they would destroy our credit, and then there would be ZERO chance of sneaking the rest of this past our next landlord.

So we're suffering and can't get up for air, and we absolutely do not support the president on this at all. He can say whatever he wants. Most federal employees do not support him.

Thanks to Robert Mueller, we now know that Trump worked closely with the GRU and the Russian Mafia on business deals and they helped run a disinformation campaign for him on places like Facebook.

Paul Manafort gave detailed voter information to the GRU, the Russian counterpart to the CIA, to run troll farms that boosted Trump and spread lies and propaganda against Clinton in the election.


The other thing making my blood boil is reading about things like how Trump doesn't want the optics of shutting down our national parks and monuments, so he left them open and vandals came in and started destroying them. Tossing trash everywhere, chainsawing the Joshua Trees, off roading...

God knows what else. It just makes you mad because there may not be much of the parks left when the government opens back up, and those are being held in trust by our government as part of our heritage.

John took his job with the TSA because he wants to serve the public, and now the alleged president won't even pay him.

There has not been a single hijacking since 9/11 on the TSA's watch, and it was happening all the time when it was private security. So it makes me mad when the public, who is now very safe, starts complaining about minor nuisances like taking their shoes off.

Because of Trump, a person with a loaded gun made it onto an American passenger plane for the first time in many years. The TSA has been dealing with such understaffing that trainees who have not gone to the law enforcement training center are being rushed out onto the lanes.

While John and I were at the food bank because Trump won't pay TSA agents, we did an interview with Reuters.

It's the job of Americans to counter Trump's bullshit with Real Facts. If we don't, who will?

The people at the food pantry said a lot of government workers came in today.

Everyone's trying to put on a brave face.

A reporter from Reuters interviewed us while we were there.

People like my parents and a lot of older folks in general still support Trump, and they're thumbing their noses at me and my family and have no compassion at all for what we're going through during the Trump Shutdown.

So, they're going to vote. You know, I mean, if younger people don't vote they will not have a country left. If they continue saying there's no difference between Trump and whoever runs against him, they're condemning themselves.

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