US postal system sucks. The door opener broke, so instead of leaving a post it note or calling the number on the building, they just stopped everyone's mail and I had to go down to the local office and beg them to get my mail. Had an expensive device that had to be plugged into my car by Saturday or else I'd be getting fined for 250 miles per day from my car insurance company. :/ Now I'm sitting here on my front porch to talk to the mail carrier when she comes by.

People are doing anything they can do distract themselves from the fact that the politics of Trump have left the US at its lowest point ever, as open corruption, like government for sale and the government kidnapping child refugees at the borders continues.

Don't forget to vote. Trump knows that the Crooked Republican Party will help his agenda.

We're always talking about how America's full, go home. We're broke, so horribly broke, now get your bum ass out of the food stamp office.

But the money for Israel is a bottomless pit. $600-700 million worth of direct foreign aide every year.

If we spent that money here, we could feed and clothe all of our homeless and give them tiny houses to live in.

Strange how that works.

The Mint Box Mini 2 looks like a decent small form factor computer, but it's made in Israel, so I won't buy that until they get a different supplier.

Without the money and weapons from the US, Israel would be gone in a matter of weeks. We give them all kinds of free shit and then "God protects them, herp derp!".

They're basically getting trillions of our tax dollars while they commit horrible human rights abuses and millions of Americans are homeless.

We're getting ripped off, big time!

Trump called the restaurant that threw out his secretary of lying to the press, Miss Piggy, Sarah Sanders, "filthy".
The Red Hen passed its health inspections every year.

Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort got written up for at least 13 violations, including ones that could lead to food poisoning and intestinal parasites. Yum.

I don't know how many Americans are reading this, but you need to get yourselves into a voting booth this year and repeal and replace all of Trump's sycophants in Congress that have this country circling the drain.

Microsoft in damage control.

100 employees penned an open letter to CEO Nadella to protest MSFT collaboration with ICE's child kidnapping which has resulted in at least 2,000 missing children that ICE isn't sure what happened to.

Nadella did his own letter to split hairs and claim that they don't assist ICE's disgusting behavior. They merely license ICE facial recognition software that it almost certainly uses to commit human rights violations with.

Even if true, the distinction is irrelevant

Windows 10 has so much spyware that simply turning some of it off had a significant impact on performance, according to Phoronix.

Better to switch to GNU/Linux, which is a decently architected operating system with no spyware.

Also, Microsoft actively assists Trump and ICE with child kidnapping. Has anyone found the 2,000 missing children that Trump "isn't responsible" for yet? Microsoft will do business with the lowest of the low (Trump) if it gets them a buck.

GNOME's new bug tracker supports emojis, so you can give people the finger now. :/

The GNU Debugger is turning into a raging dumpster fire when you try to do a full backtrace on a sufficiently multithreaded application written in C or, even worse, C++.

In all of my bug reports that involve trying to get a usable backtrace of GNOME Web or Webkit, GDB eventually runs into an internal problem and asks if I want to make a coredump of GDB while it was backtracing something else.

This is a disaster! Maybe Fedore should look into other debugger, possibly from the Clang/LLVM world.

....because Webkit immediately has a segmentation fault and crashes.

It's better described as a pain in the ass that can crash your browser if you go to Chase Bank and try to save your login to Password Manager. Possibly other sites. 2/2

I'm considering whether to request a CVE for the issue I discovered in GNOME Web (Epiphany).

Null pointer dereference in Password Manager could lead to a Denial of Service attack against the Webkit tab process with specially crafted web page.

I'd call it Low risk. Crafting a web page would be easy, but it's only barely a security issue because the only thing it gets you is crashing the tab process. There's no evidence that this could lead to code execution....1/2

“Many of our associates don’t have the opportunity to complete a degree,” said Drew Holler, Walmart’s U.S. vice president of people innovation, in an interview.
Well you pay them less than $240 a week after taxes and insurance are taken out, so...

GNOME's new Gitlab website is really nutty. Says you uploaded attachments and then doesn't upload them. I'm getting really sick of replying to my own bug with more uploads that didn't actually happen the first time.

Bugzilla was much nicer.

If I access Tumblr from a European IP address now, it gives me this huge GDPR (the new privacy law) page.

They're the biggest assholes about it too. Instead of a toggle to turn off data collection and sharing, you have to flip (I'm not making it up) 217 individual sliders that they've made as tiny as possible so your hand cramps up.

Google Safe Browsing is a strange thing indeed. You can get an API key for their app, but unless you work out a deal with Google, you have a limit on "other requests". Google gives unlimited on the dangerous sites updates, but main list counts, so GNOME Web tried to add Safe Browsing and ran into limit. Any user who makes request 10,001+ that day gets empty list/no protection from bad websites. Unlimited requests if you feed URLs to Google as your users go, which allows Google to track them.

On some page loads, DuckDuckGo is trying to pull in a web bug from a site called summerhamster dot com.

ublock-origin prevents it from loading.

Anyone else seeing this?

Valve admits to flaws in Steam survey that made it under count GNU/Linux.

One of the flaws that they admit to was that last year when it looked like GNU/Linux share was going down, one of the things that had actually happened is that Steam was made available to users in China, and many people in China use internet cafes, and it was making the Steam survey pop up a bunch of times and inflating the Windows usage share stats.

The survey is only supposed to come up one time per year for each user.

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