The shims to make Outlook Mail work correctly in GNOME Web (it's broken on Microsoft's end) will probably be removed. I suggest a different email provider and POP3/IMAPX if you continue using Outlook.

I posted questions about Outlook on MSFT's forum last week. Only replies are from tech support scams.

I'm angry that I spent so much time trying to fix MSFT's broken website in the first place.

Looking at their site with the Inspector, I suggest switching email providers for security reasons.

@baronhk I bet they think that if they haven't made a statement of supporting a browser, then they simply must break things for it completely, even when it defacto uses the same engine as one of the supported ones.

@xrevan86 Yeah, the GTK port of Webkit is further along than anything shipping in Safari, and supports additional media codecs too. If sites were doing capabilities testing, they would know that. Shows how ridiculous their site is.

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