After being in the states with no data (expensive roaming), I wanted to buy a Ting SIM.... Why U no ship to Canada....


For every retweet this gets, I will add an Uncomfortable Truth to the thread.


Quick! I need a hack on how to deal with a gloss screen in the sunlight before I throw this laptop from the 23rd floor. :-/

Yo, we may work together (and love doing so), but we don't work in the same timezone. My calendar meeting times are set the way they are for a reason. Weeee.

The gloss on slack has worn off for me. Biggest thing I like about it - the integrations. And even question if that is needed. Any IM system that supports a webhook could (in theory) cover a large portion of use cases. But then again my scope is narrow and maybe not educated.

Or maybe a projector instead that's decent for daylight viewing. I went down a rabbit hole last night in research.

Has anyone come across a decent conference headset? Use would be under and .

HM. This is a new one (of many) for (Olga). While I know she is "Orgot the beautiful", it sounds like it should be "Orgot the destroyer".

For the love of god why can I not get my camera/mic to work with ?

Just one more week.... Just one more week. I feel like I'm on kilometer 99 of 100 (running for my life).

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