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Pete Shelley exhibition looking fantastic. Opening preview @the_turnpike@twitter.com in Leigh tonight, please come along. All welcome @buzzcocks@twitter.com @designmcr@twitter.com

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I'm sure I'm not the first one to point this out but the Han Solo character design is just a hat away from being a generic cowboy. Design work isn't always to invent new stuff from thin air, sometimes good design is the act of not putting a hat on someone.

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The fish pulled from the pond, thrown into the smoker, and a fire lit. (dinner in a Viking village - Estonia)

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China is banning kids under 18 from playing video games for more than 90 minutes a day, and they're no longer allowed to play between 10PM and 8AM

On weekends, kids will be allowed to play 3 hours a day

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I made a new Twitter logo, to represent how we truly use this hellsite.

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Leslie Hodges shares this Nest Cam video of a kid who discovers an empty candy bowl on Halloween. What happens next will warm your heart.

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Everything about this sucks. Ew.

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Wow this is just about the darkest UI design pattern I've encountered recently

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All of our desktop offerings are getting updates this week, whether it's our newest 10.5.1 release, , , or ! Read all about the latest happenings at getsol.us/2019/10/03/budgie-an

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The feeling is mutual!

It's a two way street.

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Something I hope people didn't overlook is the fact Budgie 10.5.1 supports the latest GNOME Stacks and that is almost entirely thanks to the folks over at @UbuntuBudgie@twitter.com (aside from some gsd tweaks from me), so please send them some love for their awesome contributions! - Joshua

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Do you have any extra hardware? Testing on and @ubuntu@twitter.com (proper or flavour) is appreciated.πŸ‘

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19.10 Beta is now available for testing ubuntubudgie.org/blog/2019/09/

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Yo, we may work together (and love doing so), but we don't work in the same timezone. My calendar meeting times are set the way they are for a reason. Weeee.

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