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Taking a break from weeknotes to share some tips on Target Operating Models. Inspired by discussions @UKGovCamp@twitter.com and a follow up with @buttansma@twitter.com. cioportfolio.co.uk/2021/02/we-

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Have you exhausted your new year's resolutions already? Why not attend or even run a public sector unconference? Listen to @ayymanduh@twitter.com, @cholten99@twitter.com and @baskers@twitter.com explain how this may change your life. twitter.com/ayymanduh/status/1

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It is with sadness that I report that my brother, Nick Keane @nickkeane@twitter.com died in an accident in the Cayman Islands on Wednesday. He did not suffer and had been happy in the company of good friends.

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All the feels. I'm devastated.

I will miss @drbexl@twitter.com's daily FB posts, TikTik Opinion Minutes, laughing at the god awful hospital food served.

I will miss you Bex.

Too many friends have passed beyond the rim of late.

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I can only imagine the conversations @drbexl@twitter.com and @johnpopham@twitter.com would be having now! Two good friends I never saw one last time during this last crazy year. Two people we should all try and follow the examples they set to @bemorejohn@twitter.com ❀️

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I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful tributes to my daughter Bex. Thank you all for your love and appreciation of her and all that she stood for. She was also a much loved Auntie Bex, here with her youngest niece Imogen. I know that she is at rest in her Saviour’s arms

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Today is a day of bright shiny things(and not doing the stuff i should be doing!) and not to be missed later is one of those bright shiny things 🌟, doors open 5.15pm talk at 5.30pm is this @kitterati@twitter.com don't miss it sign up now remo.weareleanandagile.com/e/u @CampImprove@twitter.com @ImproveCamp@twitter.com

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Thank you to our pals at @version1@twitter.com for giving us the space to talk about all things @UKGovCamp@twitter.com!

Listen now to find out how we organise and run @UKGovCamp@twitter.com, our relentless focus on inclusivity and making things better, and how communities like ours can help you find your tribe. twitter.com/version1/status/13

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@version1@twitter.com: Now Live! Tune into latest ep of the podcast ft. @cholten99@twitter.com @Baskers@twitter.com @ayymanduh@twitter.com & our host @Sooraj_Shah@twitter.com about the 'Glastonbury of Government' @UKGovCamp@twitter.com here: bit.ly/2LXuEMr


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Listening to this now. Fantastic to hear more from @Baskers@twitter.com @ayymanduh@twitter.com and @cholten99@twitter.com around @UKGovCamp@twitter.com twitter.com/version1/status/13

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Now Live! Tune into latest ep of the podcast ft. @cholten99@twitter.com @Baskers@twitter.com @ayymanduh@twitter.com & our host @Sooraj_Shah@twitter.com about the 'Glastonbury of Government' @UKGovCamp@twitter.com here: bit.ly/2LXuEMr

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@robertsrobson@twitter.com Nothing screams "out of touch" more in 2021 than wearing a tie on a Zoom call.

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As well as being THE go-to place for great digital jobs in gov, we’ve also used the data from @jukesie@twitter.com’s newsletter to help us benchmark salaries for all our new DDAT roles. It’s an amazing source of information that can help public servants get paid fairly πŸ’ͺ

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Absolutely awesome way to end the week: recording for @Version1@twitter.com’s podcast on all things @UKGovCamp@twitter.com with @Baskers@twitter.com @cholten99@twitter.com πŸ’•

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I remember that one time at , i say start as you mean to go on what a great bunch of idiots to try to get something started. Thank you all @UKGovCamp@twitter.com

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Calling all attendees! πŸ“£ We have lots of these left, so if you'd like additional sets please let us know today down below πŸ‘‡πŸ™ rts appreciated πŸ™‚ @UKGovCamp@twitter.com twitter.com/jeremygould/status

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is over but the session notes are available for everyone to read. The session titles and links to the docs are all in the grid : bit.ly/3bf2PJP.

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Felt dead pleased to be in a session just then where @Baskers@twitter.com dropped in and referred to the group as a β€˜who’s who of @UKGovCamp@twitter.com’…

It was everyone else of course!

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