Introducing Simple Mode for Timelines, an experimental content-first timeline layout!

This experiment is already live on one instance, we look forward to your feedback!

@pixelfed How can I use Pixelfed and which client should I take?

@phranck There's no mobile app ready yet. You can only use it in your browser.

@BastelAndi Okay, great! Do exist API documentation for developers to build some clients? 😊


@phranck As far as I know the API is recently integrated in version 0.9. There is client named "morii" in development.

@BastelAndi Oh, that's Flutter, great! I just elarn flutter 😊

@BastelAndi Hm... development of #morii seems to stuck. Last commit is from August 2018. 🤔

@phranck Ok, I didn't notice it. Nevertheless it's easy to use in the browser 😉

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