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Heyo, HTTPS:// is still updating 3x per week, until the first week of December. If you've got fan art you'd like to share, tag us!

Three more conventions to go for this month 😩

Woof tired, but had a good con. Hope I can make through the week without getting sick.

My Magical Girl Standee Kickstarter is less than $100 from cracking its final goal! With only a few days left of the campaign we could crack it with only a few comic tiers!

Heyo! I've only got a week left for my magical girl standee Kickstarter! I'm only $98 CAD away from unlocking every magical girl! (Including a secret character from upcoming Volume 2)

Comic buffer scheduled till next September (at 4x a week)

Hey hey! We're only one more standee from crossing the $700 mark! Only 10 days left to get your hands on one! @Kickstarter

I'll have to figure out how to get a poll going on the old mastodon

Less than $200 to bounce us to the next stretch goal & unlock Tillie & Aaron!

Remember that you can grab the book or PDF at a discount!

Heyo! We kicked off our next Kickstarter for magical girls standees! You can also grab Volume 1 pdf or book of Magic & Muses at a discount!

Did a trade for Ghost Junk Sickness & chucked my characters in their world!
[and you should totally read their webcomic]

Finishing up lighting for Chapter 34, I'm pretty stoked for how much I get to play with the lighting in these later scenes.

I can't wait to get this beast done though. 😩 For every year it's been up and running, there's 3+ years on my timeline.

An update in regards to the campaign:

Thank you to everyone who backed, shared & liked our posts. A new experience like this could only have been made better by hitting our goal.

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