Once I can export my follows I hope bofa doesn't mind me just posting inane dumb shit about WoW and games and class.

I want more ramen. The nice stuff that comes in the bowls.

I'll work on the new bofa account later. I'm -so- mad. I'm so sick of making alternate accounts and having to get them all up and functioning and trying to find my favorite people and inevitably forgetting some.

I think I have everything I want at the moment in terms of Twitch channel stuff. Equipment, graphics, branding, schedule, theme, type of games played and so on.

I have a group of nice people that tune in regularly and now it's just about maintaining this until the channel grows or I get some big boost/exposure from somewhere.

No clue what else I can do.

@ivyandgoldx@bofa.lol plz bofa me. This is exhausting and I'm just tired of confronting this nonsense every other week.

everyone: don’t do it Luigi. Don’t trigger a schism between the Twitter migrants and Eugen over Laurelai Bailey.

me: I’m not some Twitter clout-chaser. Do you seriously think I’d talk this up before actually pulling the trigger in a pathetic attempt to build hype?

I did it fifty-nine minutes ago.

I wake up and there's already drama again.

ffs this shit is tiring.

Ugh maybe I should just drop the worgen and keep levelling my dwarf.

Dwarves are big dick energy right? The biggest dick energy? The kind of big dick energy that builds tanks and mountain fortresses and sings in 12-part harmony about getting wrecked by a dragon?

I think so. He's also a fuckin kung-fu man so that works.

Look I'll feel better once I make a worgen character I'm happy with.

Rogue seems neat but I remember hating its rotation. Mage is wonderful but then it'd be like my third mage.

This would be easier if I could just make a worgen monk.

me: "i'll be happy once I'm in class again"

me, in class: *thrilled*

me, everywhere that isn't class: "good lord please fucking D I E"

I am exhausted and need a girlfriend who can snap my spine like a toothpick

ive got "no cock like horse cock" stuck in my head and i keep just whistling the toon without realising what it is at first

i know deep down that the roanoke colony just intermarried with the local native tribes but it's fun to imagine they were abducted by aliens or eaten by a giant bird or some shit


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