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Breaking REVERSAL: @who has formally recognized that can be transmitted indoors by droplets in the AIR: people in crowded settings with poor ventilation run risk of being infected by the coronavirus as the droplets circulate via the air indoors.🧵

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To everyone lamenting the closing of Muji in America: their Xinjiang Cotton line is a product of ethnic cleansing and camps. The Chinese government has been accused of using enslaved labor of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang by govts & activists. Good riddance.


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An established mosque was demolished, Muslim men gave shahadat, thousands were martyred, several muslims women were rped.

There will be several sanghi sympathisers , liberals and sarkaris house-muslims who will be pained to see people offering sujood at twitter.com/rjfahad/status/128

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India is by far the most violent, bigoted, unjust, insensitive and tone deaf country in the world and it reserves its ugliest face for it's Muslims. You're a blot on the face of the earth.

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And please recognize that "Never Again" is a slogan we are failing to realize, even as we speak. Crimes against humanity are taking place in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Xinjiang, and elsewhere. Your voice matters; use it to demand justice, to demand safe harbor for the persecuted.

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It is already July 11 in Srebrenica. 25 yrs after the worst mass killing in Europe since WWII. But Srebrenica's horror began in 1992, not 1995. It was the worst of Bosnia's killing fields but not its only. A genocide occurred in Srebrenica, and genocide occurred in Bosnia.

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Ok Twitter, I’m a mailman & for the past week I’ve been playing tic tac toe in the mailbox with a customers kid. I was surprised from day one bc I wasn’t expecting it. I look forward to getting to this box everyday just so we can keep up the game🤣🖤 I smile daily bc of this.

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With at least three officers on his legs and back, and another applying a knee to his head and neck, Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. cried out "I can't breathe" multiple times.

"Please Allah," he said
"Allah? He's not going to help you now," one officer said. cnn.com/2020/07/09/us/phoenix-

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A few hundred people are marching down 26th Street in Chicago's Little Village to rally in support of Vanessa Guillén and protest sexual violence against women in the military

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Sham, a 9-month angel, displaced to N from , lost her life today as a result of malnutrition and the harsh living conditions as Russia used its veto again today to prevent humanitarian aid delivery to her and millions of Syrians who are in dire need for it.

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Hey, @JoshShapiroPA -- it's been reported that the Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 has donated more than $40,000 to your re-election campaign. Meanwhile, Proud Boys are now hanging out in Lodge 5. You still going to keep that money??? inquirer.com/news/philadelphia

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BREAKING NEWS! Oak Park River Forest HS voted 6-1 tonight to remove cops from the school.

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Peter Handke has spent nearly three decades openly denying the Bosnian Genocide & serving as an apologist for the Milosevic regime. Last year, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature - the most prestigious literary award in the world. Don’t talk to me about “cancel culture”.

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"Please Allah," he says.

"Allah? He's not going to help you now," one of the officers struggling to cuff him says.


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Massacre after another, last year was burdened with pain and terror, today is the memory of one of its harshest, Jisr Al-Shughour massacre in , the empty houses and mountains of rubble tells the catastrophic tragedy.

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A study identifies 55 facilities in Xinjiang suspected of housing young Uighur Muslim children--enforced "boarding schools" used as part of the Chinese government's policy of "intergenerational separation" to wipe out Uighur and Islamic culture. trib.al/VywZmP3

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Hey, remember when ISIS was driving cars into people and you got mad at these MURDEROUS BARBARIANS?

I want to see that same energy right now.

crowd, I'm talking to you. twitter.com/BulldogShadow/stat

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Why the hell is such brazen incitement to and endorsement of violence allowed on twitter? @Desimojito is openly wishing death on muslims & has got a good number of sick people agreeing! Remember that virtual Lynch mobs r real lynch mobs any day! @TwitterIndia @jack @TwitterSafety

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