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All India strike on 8 Jan by workers, farmers - demanding 21,000 min wages; withdrawal of anti worker labour law amendments, ending privatization of PSUs and Railways; Implementation of Swaminathan Commission recos on farmers welfare, no NPR NRC CAA

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One of the ABVP guys who attacked NSUI guys in Gujarat today.

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Delhi Police arrested Muslim youngsters for Daryaganj and Seelampur protests even though there is little evidence tying them specifically to the violence. But ABVP and Hindutva goons arent being arrested despite being caught on video. Is the law same for everybody?

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ABVP spokesperson (a girl) on national television says they carry Acid as defence. Along with iron rods, lathis.

ACID AS DEFENCE. A girl says this!!

They usually send their best to TV debates. If this is ABVP’s best, can you imagine what the rest would be like?

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Compiled a list of all those killed in the anti-CAA protests after some research. Sources of info added. 20 people killed so far.

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23. Noor Mohammad (25) UP
24. Amir Hanzala (18) Bihar

List will be updated in this thread once we get the name of other martyrs.

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15. Mohammad Zaheer (33) UP
16. Mohsin (28) UP
17. Mohammad Asif (20) UP
18. Mohammad Areef (20) UP
19. Nabi Jahan (24) UP
20. Faiz Khan (24) UP
21. Mohammad Sageer (8) UP
22. Mohammad Rashid (35) UP

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6. Jaleel Kudroli (49) Mangalore
7. Nausheen Bengre (23) Mangalore
8. Mohammed Wakeel (32) UP
9. Aftab Alam (22) UP
10. Mohammad Saif (25) UP
11. Mohammad Anas (21) UP
12. Suleman (35) UP
13 Bilal (24) UP
14 Mohammad Shehroz (23) UP

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1. Sam Stafford, 17 years (Assam)
2. Dipanjal Das, 19 years (Assam)
3. Abdul Amin, 23 years (Assam)
4. Ishwar Nayak, 25 years (Assam)
5. Azizul Hoque, 45 years (Assam)

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Since Deepika is in news, let me list out the names of all those who have died in Anti CAA/NRC Protests. You can add the names too if I miss any. We won't let our Martyrs be forgetten easily.

Thread 👇👇

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As of now 24 Indian citizens, 90% of them, Muslims, are confimed dead. All killed by police while protesting against .
They are our heroes who died fighting against this bill.
Please do not undermine their death. Keep fighting & do remember is Anti Muslim. twitter.com/tamashbeen_/status

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Here are the thread collating & Protests in Solidarity with JNU planned for 8th JANUARY from all over INDIA🇮🇳 & World

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Please also respect a film star’s support for Fascism, Hindu Rashtra, an impending genocide and totalitarian regime. twitter.com/rahuleaswar/status

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At a protest outside the Indian consulate, this man came out of the building to film the protesters who were mainly young Indian students. If they face harassment, remember him. This is a govt that is using facial recognition tech to fight it’s own people.

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White Coat March against CAA/NRC/NPR. Hundreds of doctors, nurses & other healthcare professionals stands united against this discriminatory unconstitutional law. We also condemns the violence inside JNU & all Universities. No govt can remain in power without students support.

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Amir Hanjla -
a student
a worker,
a Muslim,
a citizen bearing aloft the tricolour,

- killed by communal terrorists for opposing NPR-NRC-CAA

Workers strike today for their brother Amir Hanjla!

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RSVP to join the : Strategy Call w @MoveOn@twitter.com @NIACouncil@twitter.com & @WinWithoutWar@twitter.com: act.moveon.org/survey/moveon-r

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