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I’ve spent the past month of my life making a pride flag for the Gender & Sexual Minority (GSM) community (AKA the LGBTQIA+ community)!

I have a lot to say about this and similar flags, so I put down my research, thoughts, & proposals in this blog post:

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only can do that.

Both my partners are asleep, one with her fiancée in her arms. There's lofi beats playing, and soft colorful lighting throughout the home. I could hardly think of a more peaceful autumn night 🥰

Strange sound outside. Walked to the door to see what it was. Neighbors were playing Soulja Boy 🤣

on the online chat with the gas company. their online chat censors all numeric characters. all numbers are replaced by asterisks. i am trying to talk to someone about my gas bill, but i am not allowed to use numbers to do so

How to tell someone to turn on their headlights, politely

Yes, you should turn on your headlights even when it is this bright outside. Not everyone driving has good eyesight, and it helps with visibility a lot.

The most beautiful sound in the world is hearing one of my girlfriends giggling the next room over

Can we just... Have a modern car with modern safety and comfort features... But it looks like this? Like... 😳 these were so gorgeous

This small new feature in macOS Monterrey makes me so happy! I've been wanting this for over 6 years!

Remember that one time the police in Boston killed several citizens just for harassing them, and we all agreed that was a Bad Thing?

Wish Dragon

It's basically Disney's Aladdin, retold much better, and taking place in modern China. It's got some really lovely twists too! I really enjoyed it and will probably rewatch yearly!

Queer culture is when your polycule is playing Spooky Scary Skeletons in July

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