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Yes! This is the same approach that helped me beat both depression and anxiety many years back! I call it Don't-Worry-Be-Happyism.

I cannot recommend this enough 🙌🏽

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only can do that.

VistaPrint couldn't seem to get my cards right; the ink kept rubbing right off.

So, I got a refund and with less than that money got some from Moo. Hopefully these will hold up better 🤞🏽

Google's WearOS is gonna get killed off soon.

The more I use Unix-likes, the more I'm confounded by Windows. And I've been using Windows since literally my very first memory!

Okay, who's used their power to change their time zone to feel special? Don't make me call Tom Scott!

My office has these novelty napkins where each one has a conversation starter, and I swear at first glance I thought this one said "How dare you stand out today?"

"How much do you hate the MacBook Pro (2018) keyboard?", you ask?

I'll be...

Everyone's taking about Apple Card, but nobody mentions that Google used to have a debit card

I unironically categorize Velveeta as actual real cheese and you should too

It bothers me that Swift functions are ducktyped...

keeping myself occupied during a long compile by taking artsy pictures of the compiler output

Costco doesn't let me use a long password, nor one with spaces, nor one with these HTML characters in it. Suspicious...

You know it's going down when Tom Scott makes this face

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