Costco doesn't let me use a long password, nor one with spaces, nor one with these HTML characters in it. Suspicious...

Oh my good gosh...

Gmail hasn't actually been updated since 2004, has it? They've just bolted things on top of it and bodged new icons everywhere, haven't they?

RIP Inbox...

God bless the people who make their living seeing the best in humanity and encouraging others to turn those traits into a gift

Awwwww and they ruined it by not accepting

despite their client-side validation saying it was fine

Oh hey I just noticed this minimap in Xcode 11 beta. Didn't even think about it cuz I'm so used to it in everything else 😂

Oh cool does this mean module stability? No more bundling in Swift libs?

Moving Help doesn't let me use Maturate8lowbrow4rot5egan1polygon as a password, but it fits all requirements

Tesla doesn't let you unsubscribe from their marketing eMails without giving them your full name.

Today on : Vistaprint! Why are their requirements so horrible? They won't tell me but they sure don't like my long, secure password.

Newspaper sites are among the most obliviously-designed software on Earth. I hope Google's and Apple's pushes for cleaner aggregated news shows them that people like a good user experience

EA: "We don't understand why you like The Sims Series at all so why not make it worse than what you paid for?"

EA: "Oh jeez a 32-character password? I can't remember that; try something shorter..."

Oh hey it's now been 6 years since I took my previous profile pic! Love my current one, but that old one sure got a lot of mileage. Served me well 😄

Intuit, of all companies, has . "Your password is too strong! Make it weaker to file your taxes and manage your bank account!"

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