Biden isn't the best. I would've preferred Bernie, whom I voted for in the primaries. Biden, however, at least seems to speak the right speeches, and has hired the right people, to foster a society which might treat me like a person, rather than the one Trump fostered which dehumanizes me and tries to wring out as much profit from me at it can before killing me. I have hope for the future once again.

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Nearly 30 years of self-discovery behind me, and God knows how many ahead.

Today marks a major milestone in my life - today, I got an official copy of my birth certificate, showing my sex as "X"

This is a huge moment for me! My legal status as a person finally reflects, in a crude way, how I feel about myself!

I'm going to celebrate today as X-Day, since I'm officially a certified X-Man! πŸ₯³
I hope y'all have a wonderful day too!

I'm filling out an Amazon interview assessment thing, and it's almost entirely these really reductive false-equivalences. Absolutely disgusting.

P.S. I have no plans to work for Amazon, just practicing my interview skills.

Oh my gosh y'all!!

I saw my reflection while doing laundry and I was like "feck!! I don't look masculine! I don't have to pretend to be masculine!!"

Today I mailed in a form to update my birth certificate to change its gender marker from Male to X! It's a huge step for me, towards my own acceptance of myself, and being able to live my own life rather than one prescribed to me πŸ˜πŸ’œ

Now to anxiously wait for a response 🀞

Today I finally got the gender marker changed on my driver license to X!! At least when driving, I now legally have no specified gender.

It feels really good to have some actual official documented recognition that who I am is okay. Here's to a good life 🍻

This week, 19 years ago, 2,996 US Americans died in a horrible tragedy.

This week, this year, more than twice as many have died. This year, in total, more than sixty times as many have died.

This day, I mourn the needless loss of 200,000 US Americans. Let's join together, even stronger than we did in 2001, and put an end to this suffering.

macOS Big Sur fixes one of my biggest pet UI peeves!

Since Yosemite, progress bar containers have been long capsules (flat on top and bottom, but with half-circles on the left and right), but the progress bars themselves have had flat edges!

Finally, Big Sur gives the bars the same half-circle edge as their container!!

[dark-mode screenshots here are from Big Sur, light from Yosemite and Catalina]

In case you ever seen someone say that iPhone can't have USB-C or a headphone jack or else it'd be thicker or something...

Clue doesn't work for trans women, non-binary AMAB people, and many whose cycles have been affected by pregnancy. The company has this weird elitism where they think your cycle must involve bleeding for them to care about you. Otherwise, they just say to use it like any emotion tracker, without any functionality at all. Might as well tell trans folk to uninstall and use a pen and paper.

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