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@BenLeggiero sorry, looks like I didn't save a link to this exact one! Here's a similar one, though, and if you keep clicking "make children" you can get more:

so @phantrosity of birdsite pointed out that you can use to generate the opposite of something.

this is the opposite of a horse.

- and more weirdness because we're part of nature and nature is very weird!

Biological reasons to not care about sex assigned at birth include:

- mutations of sex genes (YY, XXY, XXX)
- both testicles & ovaries, regardless of outward looks
- testicles in place of ovaries, body otherwise feminine
- a uterus without an orifice, body otherwise masculine
- birth hermaphroditism "corrected" by neonatal surgery
- masculine body makes more estrogen than most feminine bodies (vice versa with testosterone)

All of which can go undiagnosed for decades! You could be one of these!

Facebook is the corded landline of social networks

Tesla doesn't let you unsubscribe from their marketing eMails without giving them your full name.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate, big and small!
Happy Sunday, also, to all!

I weep for those who cannot enjoy their majesty

Bananas are the world's best food and I will never back down

Finally read Zuckerberg’s op-ed. His “solutions” are really superficial. The problems with Facebook are so fundamental they would require deep changes he’ll never consider. I think my post from last year is still the best guide for how to fix the web.

Today on : Vistaprint! Why are their requirements so horrible? They won't tell me but they sure don't like my long, secure password.

✨📢 We've got an exciting announcement today! We're partnering with our friends at Kickstarter to build a new platform to help artists share their work, build community, and get paid:

In which I took OpenAI's 117-million parameter neural network and retrained it to write character bios for Dungeons and Dragons

Newspaper sites are among the most obliviously-designed software on Earth. I hope Google's and Apple's pushes for cleaner aggregated news shows them that people like a good user experience

Spending 5 hours across two days banging your head against cryptic error messages, all to make it slightly nicer to work on your hobby.

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