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It bothers me that Swift functions are ducktyped...

keeping myself occupied during a long compile by taking artsy pictures of the compiler output

Costco doesn't let me use a long password, nor one with spaces, nor one with these HTML characters in it. Suspicious...

You know it's going down when Tom Scott makes this face

Oh my good gosh...

Gmail hasn't actually been updated since 2004, has it? They've just bolted things on top of it and bodged new icons everywhere, haven't they?

RIP Inbox...

God bless the people who make their living seeing the best in humanity and encouraging others to turn those traits into a gift

Awwwww and they ruined it by not accepting

despite their client-side validation saying it was fine

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Oh hey I just noticed this minimap in Xcode 11 beta. Didn't even think about it cuz I'm so used to it in everything else 😂

Oh cool does this mean module stability? No more bundling in Swift libs?

The new Mac Pro can provide a continuous 1.280 kW of energy to the computer.
Over an hour (1.28 kWhr) that puts out ~4,367.5 BTUs.

A standard space heater puts out ~5,100 BTUs.

The new Mac Pro is ~85% of a space heater.

Moving Help doesn't let me use Maturate8lowbrow4rot5egan1polygon as a password, but it fits all requirements

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