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Content from birdsite, may contain sensitive material 

⠀ 🤠       🐘 🐘 🐘      🐘   🐘   🐘     👇🏽   🐘 🐘   👇🏽       🐘    🐘       👢    👢 Howdy! I'm the social media sheriff, here to tell you that the best micro-blogging platform in all of tarnation is Mastodon!

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nobody tell @ida but I'm camping out in her instance until my internet comes back

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If you don't know how to verify that I wrote this, yell "help! I need someone with programming socks!" and someone will arrive shortly to assist.

Thinking I should get a backup account on a different instance because so many people block m.s now...

so when you level up to level 18, you unlock the Gay specialization?

@lynnesbian my home internet is down but the two ebooks bots on my server still work so it's basically this:

@citrustwee your birthday was so powerful knocked out my home internet for a week

Hey everyone - I'm okay. My internet is out until Friday.

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Hey everybody,

I'm currently running an experiment to see what happens when a bot tries to reproduce the language patterns of ALL OF MASTODON.

Follow @ebooks_ebooks_ebooks to join.

@Gargron wtf how is Mastodon a Ruby on Rails project with actual documentation on how to run it

isn't that illegal or something

the guy who migrated WTDWTF off of The Discourse

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I wish there was quote toot powers here so that when the Dwarf Fortress bot says things like "I was accosted by slugs. That's very annoying." I could quote toot it with stuff like "Logging on"

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I lost the baby. I'm anguished.

— Goden Kabdodók, Ghostly Fishery Worker

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I can't believe Kadol Lancedages is dead. That did not shock me.

— Domas Borushavuz, Stonecrafter


So, how about that poll Microsoft published in an ad on Twitter?

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