blog: A better Tarkov matching system - -- Oh look, who after almost a year decided to put a new blogpost up. And about Escape From Tarkov, to boot. Well, everyone’s talking about it, and so am I, obviously, and about a topic many people are complaining about: Matching. So here’s an idea: Instead of randomly dumping level...

Just upgraded my version to EOD. So tired of the small secure container. Stash size welcome, but of no real consequence.

I've been replaying some of my older games. No checkpoints, no quick save, no fucking IAPs or DLCs. Just... a game, made to be enjoyed. So weird...

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"Greetings, Humans," it said. "We have come to talk to you about religion."
The watching crowd began to boo. Undeterred, the alien went on.
"The core message of most of your religions is correct: Be excellent to each other. Follow that."

blog: After Action Report: Light Fairytale Episode 1 - -- I distinctly remember my most beloved JRPG I played as a kid. It’s Final Fantasy VII, and all the Final Fantasies after that were garbage. Don’t @ me. I was pretty sure nothing could revitalise the feeling of playing that game for the first time all those decades ago. I...

Looking for a Mastodon client for Android with customizable tabs so I can switch between timelines of different accounts on different servers by swiping, line Plume has for Twitter. Any suggestion?

blog: Regarding that Epic store outrage -- -- Everyone and their dog is currently outraged over Epic’s new gamestore, with Borderlands being the latest to fall victim to try and alienate their customers for a quick wad of cash. A lot of people are making points about why they don’t like to buy on Epic’s store and many of those points are entirely beside the point.

I loved it when it cave out, played over a hundred hours of it. Unusual back then. I fear some of the fight mechanics j have not aged that well, though (unskippable, long and often repeated attack animations). Still love the story and materia system, though. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Wenn ich könnte, würde ich @GOGcomDE einfach eine pauschale Einzugsermächtigung für mein Konto geben. Dann könnten sie einfach jedes Release direkt in mein Konto packen. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Das erste Spiel, für das ich gearbeitet habe, um mein Taschengeld aufzustocken. Und jetzt kaufe ich es mir gleich wieder! … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

I admit: I have no idea what a Jill sandwhich is supposed to be. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

So there is this neptunia bundle with games @MemoriesIn8Bit and @AdmiralDock go on about all the time. Are they any good? Should i add them to my backlog? -- Crossposted from Twitter with

I'd rather be positive about something I like than negative about something I don't like. In the same vein, I'd rather upvote something I like than downvote something I dislike.
So can we get entirely rid of "dislike" buttons and "not recommended" options? … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

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