I'd rather be positive about something I like than negative about something I don't like. In the same vein, I'd rather upvote something I like than downvote something I dislike.
So can we get entirely rid of "dislike" buttons and "not recommended" options? news.slashdot.org/story/19/02/ … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

My current internet speed at home is a whopping 0.5 MBit/s. This "streaming" thing will never take off. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Whatever happened to @LiquidSkySoft ? -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is 50% off every other sale. Octodad is 93%(!) off right now. Many, many, many other games have regular sales between those two values. Everyone buying at full price must feel ripped off.
But, somehow, the store/dev split on the store is the problem. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Video game consoles where games did not need to be "installed" or could be "patched", you inserted the " disk " and seconds later could start playing. twitter.com/AaronMSanchez/stat … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Seriously considering buying another big title at full price. At some point they all seem to end up on @Humble, monthly or other bundle. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Starts writing reply.
Fixes typos.
Thinks about content.
Changes half the reply.
Ponders original question.
Realizes different intent.
Changes entire reply.
Questions sense of answering.
Deletes everything, cancels reply.

Welcome to my feed! -- Crossposted from Twitter with

All these sales are making me feel ripped off. Why can't we decide on a price that a) pays living wages for creators and b) don't make me angry when there's a 90-something percent discount two days after I paid full price? -- Crossposted from Twitter with

One you do, you'll get sick of it real fast. Though to be fair, to cater to a less tech savvy audience with a limited input device is not easy. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

I don't need "focus follows mouse", I need "focus follows face" -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Oh hi Mastodon. I totally forgot you exist when i changed devices.

Games I installed to play them soon:
- CrossCode
- Overload
- Maia

Game I'm actually playing:
- Fallout 4, again

-- Crossposted from Twitter with

That's good to know, thanks. But a few bad apples don't invalidate my original point. There's bound to be money spent on organizational expenses and equipment. I can't say what would be a"good "amount of that, but saying that 100% should go to causes is unrealistic. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Fun fact: Simple Rockets 1 had a small ad inside for KSP. That's how I found KSP in the first place. twitter.com/DJSnM/status/10605 … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Found this in my parents' attic today. Will reunite it with the original disc when I'm back home.pic.twitter.com/3rPruQ6vun -- Crossposted from Twitter with

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