Looking for a Mastodon client for Android with customizable tabs so I can switch between timelines of different accounts on different servers by swiping, line Plume has for Twitter. Any suggestion?

blog: Regarding that Epic store outrage -- benplaysgames.com/blog/2019/04 -- Everyone and their dog is currently outraged over Epic’s new gamestore, with Borderlands being the latest to fall victim to try and alienate their customers for a quick wad of cash. A lot of people are making points about why they don’t like to buy on Epic’s store and many of those points are entirely beside the point.

I loved it when it cave out, played over a hundred hours of it. Unusual back then. I fear some of the fight mechanics j have not aged that well, though (unskippable, long and often repeated attack animations). Still love the story and materia system, though. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Wenn ich könnte, würde ich @GOGcomDE einfach eine pauschale Einzugsermächtigung für mein Konto geben. Dann könnten sie einfach jedes Release direkt in mein Konto packen. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Das erste Spiel, für das ich gearbeitet habe, um mein Taschengeld aufzustocken. Und jetzt kaufe ich es mir gleich wieder! twitter.com/GOGcomDE/status/11 … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

I admit: I have no idea what a Jill sandwhich is supposed to be. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

So there is this neptunia bundle with games @MemoriesIn8Bit and @AdmiralDock go on about all the time. Are they any good? Should i add them to my backlog? -- Crossposted from Twitter with

I'd rather be positive about something I like than negative about something I don't like. In the same vein, I'd rather upvote something I like than downvote something I dislike.
So can we get entirely rid of "dislike" buttons and "not recommended" options? news.slashdot.org/story/19/02/ … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

My current internet speed at home is a whopping 0.5 MBit/s. This "streaming" thing will never take off. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Whatever happened to @LiquidSkySoft ? -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is 50% off every other sale. Octodad is 93%(!) off right now. Many, many, many other games have regular sales between those two values. Everyone buying at full price must feel ripped off.
But, somehow, the store/dev split on the store is the problem. -- Crossposted from Twitter with

Video game consoles where games did not need to be "installed" or could be "patched", you inserted the " disk " and seconds later could start playing. twitter.com/AaronMSanchez/stat … -- Crossposted from Twitter with

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