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I never thought I'd find something like this in a talent show... Does anyone know if this man has any record? Any info about is welcome! Thanks 🙂

Sé que no vas a leer esto, pero no tengo forma de decírtelo antes de que te vayas, así que lo voy a lanzar al aire, aunque ni así ni a la cara te sirva de nada.
Aitor, me encantabas.
No tengas miedo.

(Nightmare of the Mediterranean hotel, how is it that it's always me the one that does something wrong)

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=Taikan Yokoyama (1868-1958)=
Japanese painter. He is a master of modern Japanese painting. He established a style that uses color and gradation to suppress line drawing. He painted many pictures of Mt. Fuji.

When the best of your life is nothing for the others and it just vanishes.
Fight is exhausting.

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She was not familiar with the area, and some of the street lights were broken. She concentrated and did the silent whistle.
Ghosts of dogs came running.
"Good boy," she said to them, "good girl."
They flocked around her, overjoyed to be seen, and she walked with them, unafraid.

Pues he llamado a movistar porque nos están mandando cartas para alguien que nunca ha vivido aquí. Las anteriores las devolvimos tal cual al cartero con una nota, pero siguen, así que he decidido llamar.
Pues que con el nombre de la persona no vale, que necesitan el número de teléfono o el dni para gestionar. Evidentemente no pienso abrir el sobre, no estoy descentralizando mi vida para violar el correo de los demás.
Cada vez es más fácil lo difícil y más difícil lo fácil, joder.

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¿Me puede alguien explicar a qué viene esa patológica obsesión por ahí con que si "boomers", que si "millenials", que si "vosotros, vosotros"?

(Sé lo que significa, pregunto por qué parecen el nuevo barsa madriz versión "más ridículo todavía")

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@Benetako_Arkatiur mas esse mastodon é de um intercâmbio admirável. tô aqui no acre imaginando a tal da risada basca

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Levantarse y comprobar que aun no han prohibido madrugar.

I shouldn't, because it's late and I've got this headache*, but few minutes ago I tried to solo Elendil's Tomb.
Again, the final tortoise, and overall the tiny mini adds, have ended with my hopes of success. I'm already lvl 51, shouldn't I be able to resist those little tortoises of hell?
But... :) it's good to have an excuse to go back to Evendim someday.

(*) Maybe I shouldn't, but I deserved to play a little today, no doubt about it.

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My upper neighbor suffers advanced Alzheimer too. Walls are thin. He has very hard nights lately, progressively worse. His family suffers it with him and for God sake this is...

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