Now that I have a 3d printer, going to a friendly game weekend is so mutch fun. I just printed a keycap that can contain a LEGO minifigure head.

Pet snails Alfred J Slak & Admiral Slackbar are growing so fast... it's only 4 months from small to bigger and they are not even adult.

Ik ben bang dat onze mieren een satanisch ritueel voorbereiden samen met het offeren van hun voer aan de mieren goden...

Got myself a 1984 European version of a adventure game (oog des meesters / the dark eye). To introduce my daughter's into fantasy roleplaying games. This is a easy startpoint and all in dutch...and retro as fuck.

I went to my favorite 2nd hands LP store today and got this out the "not good enough for the top shelf bins" very happy I went there today.

The best things like on old record are the long lost things that where populair 30 years ago...

Don't want more news this morning, so no TV and Eric Clapton to ease the mood...

Wife wants a new car, bigger, newer and more multifunction then the big car we have now. If it's possible under the budget of 8k we have. She was not amused when I shared my online findings.

But it ticks all the boxes... except the sexy car box :).

My "new" speakers are also classics same as the rest of my 1973 set.

But I made em better with bananaplugs and new acoustic foam (1973 foam crumbles to dust when you touch it in 2019).

Now I only wanna renew the front, so that it's not sun worn brown/nicotine brown anymore.

My wife went out the door for 1 hour. So I did what all sane people do. I turned the kitchen into a retro speaker restoration station.

Whoop whoop... Got a record from my wife that I would never have bought for myself.

Ik in de Xenos: Dit afgeprijsde tafeltje kan volgens mij perfect onder mijn versterker.

Ik daarna thuis: Fuck yeah...

My little pi-hole server doing it's job. 60.5% of the queries my complete network makes is advertising.

Playing the Queen original studio album bingo game I made for myself I'm almost halfway there. :)

Vandaag door een vriend op Alestorm en Gloryhammer gewezen. En nu luister ik al de hele avond naar deze vage rock muziek. En ik ben denk ik verliefd op dit stuk artwork...


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