Why is the best Kool AD song named after a bad person?

It genuinely bums me out whenever I realize I cannot remember the last work day I had where I wasn't touched by a customer without any sort of consent. Generally without an 'excuse me' it anything to warn me first. Just a hand on my lower back or right shoulder.

Today is Jojo day and I'm pretty excited for the return of Good Jojo Fridays, because it's the only thing named Good Fridays I can still be excited for?

Me, using the bathroom heater to warm up ices coffee: dead ass practical. I'm smart as shit.

Coworker is attempting to share his thoughts regarding the doctor Ford testimony. Send help

Brutalist architecture is cool. I like concrete and sharp lines though, so we can write it off as a personal failing.

Just got (accidentally) punched in the mouth by a customer. Sup? How's your day going?

Man, I was not expecting to get really excited and then depressed over the news about Fighting Vipers being in Project Judge. That game was so important to me as a kid. I used to beg my father to take me to Pier 39 because there was a Fighting Vipers cab. I played that instead of VF or Tekken.

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Just had a date so bad it became not a date half way through. A powerful L.

No one ever mentions w when they talk about vowels.

One thing I learned while playing UNIST with Irene is: most non FGs do not force players to time their inputs from both hands together in order. FG left hand inputs change the right hand inputs, and right hand inputs will lock out left hand inputs. This is rare in other genres.

The bottom fell out of my mood, and I can't place why. Those bits where I can't figure out why I feel rough are always so difficult.

zeno of elea was the rich homie quan of the 5th century BC

Really digging how Volition is Middle Platonism if it were the antagonist. The world of forms is one of my favorite things to just think about.

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