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➑️ We have a "work group" formed. Anyone is welcome to participate. ⬇️

βœ… First of all, email & ask him to create his own server here

βœ… Tweet about on Twitter

βœ… Migrate your friends from Twitter to Mastodon. Use your own signup link or ours: We'll greet each user as they arrive.

βœ… Have them create a 2nd browser tab to stay active, then join us in "all the above". ⬆️

Boosts appreciated! πŸš€

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@radiocron - Was there ever a time in Twitter's history when they didn't use algorithms to "quality filter" each account? My fave technical aspect of Mastodon is how all our voices are equal.

@BernieOrVest you could get a literal firehose of posts brand new ones from a wide variety of sources. They discovered the "firehose" is a valuable commodity, what you get is a filter bubble that prevents you from having influence, or even having a clue what the world is really thinking.

@BernieOrVest well thank you for letting me know what to filter so that i don't have to see the incoming wave of smug bernie bro jackasses you are intent on making happen

here's a pretty important thing to consider: before trying to take over mastodon, you should know the culture, mores, and values here. one of these is the judicious use of the cw feature.

your "revolution" doesn't mean jack shit if you're going to vomit it up with no regard to the people around you.

@wigglytuffitout - Wow, thanks for the warm welcome. Would you rather we let MSM nominate Joe Biden?

@BernieOrVest i'm not going to interact with someone in good faith if they spout black and white thinking that is straight from the mouths of russian troll farms.

similarly, it ain't helping if you decide that your right to yell loudly about bernie sanders trumps the right of everyone around you to not have obnoxiousness shoved in their faces.

that is not good praxis.

you ain't helping. you're hurting.

of course, you ain't gonna examine your own behavior, because that's Typical Bernie Bro.

@BernieOrVest also, stop acting like a goddamn colonialist by deciding that your right to yell loudly and be obnoxious is more important than the culture - and people - who already have their homes in this digital space.

if you act like yet another obnoxious jackass, you're not only going to get your movement written off as yet another obnoxious jackass.

*you're going to get bernie sanders written off that way.*


just like happened.







@BernieOrVest so yeah, welcome to mastodon!

if you insult people, if you drive them away, if you bring the black-and-white toxicity that people left twitter to avoid, if you decide that the people already here and their culture are worth ignoring in favor of you yelling loudly...

you are going to get ignored.

you are going to get filtered out.

just like gab.

just like kiwifarms.

welcome to mastodon. people actually have the power to do that. your captive audience no longer exists, fuckwit.

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