The Mastodon/Twitter crossposter is controversial. Quite a few Berners have set up accounts on Mastodon, hooked up this crossposter, then left, never to return.

They flood our feeds with their tweets and retweets, but never spend time on Mastodon getting to know other users, or building the community.

So if you decide to use this, please consider setting the options so your Mastodon toots go to Twitter, but NOT the other way around.



Here's an example of the garbage effect of the cross-poster when it's being misused.

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Even before you tooted I thought of posting one of my Tweets, but instead opted to re-create it.


I don't get it. The tweets seem fine. I cross post and I mention that I do with my tweet.
I also leave a trail that it's from Mastodon. ?????

@BernieOrVest @NVAnimusApertus Controversial is putting it mildly, haha. Crossposting is mostly poison, garbage, pollution. Many of us who have been here a while want absolutely nothing to do with Birdsite anymore.

@BernieOrVest @NVAnimusApertus It's a mute from me if I realise someone is using a crossposter and not coming back to Mastodon to interact.


Interesting. My thread is flooded. I had to report a sexual poster.

@BernieOrVest @NVAnimusApertus what bothers me is that those of us who have been banned can't open the links or interact. I'm glad to see what I'm missing, but I do think it would be nice to build this site.

@JamieLBarnett @NVAnimusApertus

I agree. 🔥

EVERYONE can help. 🙂

Please email and ask Bernie's team to create a server on Mastodon's network. ❤️

@JamieLBarnett @NVAnimusApertus

Thanks for sending that email! Your voice has been added to many others. We'll keep the pressure on!

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