End result was well-received by all.

I reckon it was a bit too liquid-y, should have left it with the lid off longer than I did (but because daycare run I reckon that would have been too long).

First night in quite a while that the child ate dinner without it descending into an argument with the withdrawal of dessert from the menu. So that’s a win.

Let me tell you, my house smells pretty fucking awesome at the moment.

For those playing at home, today's slow-cooker is this recipe because I'm not creative enough to have a crack at making something like this without guidance: taste.com.au/recipes/rich-lamb

Tonight there will be LAMB.

The lamb is located under all this stuff.

Anyway, it being Sunday means it is the day of a billion loads of washing (where do all these clothes come from???), cleaning the floors (I am largely convinced my child doesn't eat at all given the mess under her chair) and, hopefully, some moon stuff.

I'm actually quite excited that we'll return to the moon within my lifetime. But that said there is no fucking way at all we're getting there in 2024 per NASA's current timeline.

I am really enjoying dipping into the apolloinrealtime.org thing and checking out what it was like to follow the moon landing live - even though we have the ability to put all the pieces together after the fact for a more involved experience.

"Sweet. The child is sleeping, as is the other half. I have nothing to do. Might sit down and play some games on the compu.."



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Don’t tell anyone, but the taxpayers of NSW did not get value for money out of me today.

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I can't wait to see the live-action remake of the moon landing

Hurrah. Looks like I have a job interview on Monday for a role doing a lot of what I'm doing now but on a smaller scale for a company that's a lot closer to home than the Botanic Garden.

Basically, there are a lot of deeply stupid tech takes doing the rounds today and I haven't even seen a blockchain headline yet.

Then there's the "FaceApp has a line in their ToS about using your face and data forever royalty-free" bullshit like that line doesn't appear in the ToS of pretty much every fucking online service you've ever signed up for.

Then there's also that as shitty and annoying as they are, IGram's adverts and sponsored posts are clearly labelled. So that means no more "Random Person Didn't Disclose They Were Paid To Promote Protein Shake That Napalmed People's Insides" stories.

I mean, these people have built their income streams around the good graces of a platform that is ultimately a competitor for revenue. You're going to get fucked over when the platform decides they want that cash.

I'm trying to form an opinion on the "instagram is hiding likes" thing and all I've got is "well if it fucks of influencers as a thing I'm all for it".

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