Child has decided that things she likes (dinner, baths, going in the car) are now things she doesn’t like at all and let me tell you when you have to drive to daycare every day, eat dinner and bathe her every day the constant stream of whinging and screams gets fucking tiring.

My favourite thing: at a time-constrained event waiting for people that cannot arrive on time.

Yeah I really need to be online less hey.




EG: There's one thing where it is supposed to pull in icons associated with fields (contact us, price, and the like).

So you'd think that would simply be a small image file that is somehow tied to that field. Fill in the field, it displays, as does its icon.

Yeah nah.

You get one icon if you use Safari and another if you use Chrome and, presumably, a third if you use Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera or whatever use.

So this website I'm working on.

It seems no one bothered to test it on any browser other than Chrome and because I use Safari I am finding endless piles of pointlessly broken shit.

Ahhh my favourite thing. Directly asking someone what time they want to meet, being given a time, setting up a meeting at that time, turning up for that meeting and the other person is....?? *vague handwaving*

I am going to drink some beer, and then Erin is going to go out and get more beer.

I mean, I’m not going to do a shit job, I’m just not going to ask every 30 seconds if they’re happy with what I’m doing. It’ll just be “we’d like a website please” “ok, here is a website”.

Why I love about my job is that they don’t really have a brief for what they want beyond “a website, please”. So I’m just doing whatever assuming they’re going to sign off on whatever I give them in a couple of weeks.

The national broadsheet newspaper will basically be “sexually abusing children is actually cool and good” today. (I assume. I don’t as a habit, and will not today, actually read it)

Australian conservatives are spending today sharing their takes about how a convicted pedophile is actually a good person.

Day One of my NSW Government contract and I'm sitting outside a coffee shop posting "piss baby" on the birdshite.

I got banned from Twitter because some brain damaged extremely online galaxy brain started @-ing and I told him to fuck off.

Today I learned that supporters of a the Australian Labor Party think the 5G mobile phone technology is a conspiracy involving The Jews. We live in the weirdest timeline.

Date night:

Wine bar - Erin had a nice cocktail followed by a glass of wine. I had two nice, but available beers.

Dinner - I rolled the dice and went the Chef’s special Balmain bits special (A++ would bug again), Erin had pasta (describes as “run of the mill”)

Later - Another bar and I have a mediocre ale followed by two of my favourite IPA (Feral Brewing Co. Hop Hog), Erin has a forgettable sparkling wine followed by an equable ordinarily sav-Blanc.

Long story short: Camden (Sydney)

It’s now 0826 the next morning and let me tell you, my shoulders are really sore.

Father-in-law invited me to his office’s go-kart afternoon because they needed to make up some numbers. I thanked them by being a solid one-second per lap quicker than everyone.

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