Someone at work has bought a jumbo box of the cheapest, most awful looking mi-goreng noodles and I swear to god I do not work in a second-year uni share house.

There's no way to change my @ handle without setting up a new account on here, is there?

Actually got a small amount of blue sky this morning at the farm.

Didn't last long. By the time I descended the hill it was back to the particulate mess that is Sydney's air quality at the moment because climate change is real.

Ironic thing is I can't deactivate my account because it's suspended.

I guess because they're too fucking stupid to have another way to stopping you from signing up with the same email address??

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Aaaaannndddd permabanned from the Birdshite.

Seriously. Also (second screenshot) I apparently reported myself.

What a garbage platform run by cosplaying nazi cumlords. Just cannot wait to guzzle cum from the golden nazi cock

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Banned from Twitter for a week because I called the anonymous author of an incredibly shit Graun oped a cunt.

But machine learning is actually a thing worth paying attention to it is real and taking over.

Why am I seemingly the only person cranky about this?


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I mean, HOW THE FUCK are people just going to let digital drivers licences become a thing?

They're a terrible idea that solve precisely zero problems and introduce a fucktonne of avenues for police to (further) abuse their power.

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please do tell me that - like digital drivers licences - I'm seemingly overthinking/completely wrong about this because I'm the only one I can see saying it.

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Anyway, yeah, I am the whitest person going and this doesn't effect me in the slightest but I can't help but think it's a bit of a cunt move from NITV to chase a saturated market because audience rather than do the important stuff.

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Why did they kill a show that did a lot of good for presenting a popular thing (footy) through the lends of indigenous people in favour of more fucking iPhone takes?

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Why does NITV need a tech editor?

The other thing about this appointment is the recent debate about tech awards (specifically the Lizzies, Australia's answer to...the Webbies...??) and how they're dominated by the same people because the same people get all the going jobs and NITV's new tech editor is one of those people.

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So last week (or early this week, time is weird) NITV cancelled a popular AFL program because it cost too much and they're a small station with a specific focus on presenting issues relevant to Australia's indigenous people.

Today news broke they've employed a well-known person as their new tech editor and I cannot for the life of me figure out what the angle is for NITV on new iPhones.

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Hello I am back over here because I have complicated thoughts about a thing and putting it on Twitter is just going to cause ~issues~.

If things could just like fucking *not* for a while that would be fucking tops.

Things are starting to shape up like Erin is going to be made redundant from her job. Of course this is right on the cusp of her being eligible for a substantial performance bonus that - shock - wouldn’t be included in any redundancy package.

Fucking cunt act by a pack of cunts.

The world doesn’t fucking end at Strathfield and not should it.

You like the city. Cool. But the shit in the city you enjoy having has to come from somewhere and be produced by someone too.

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And this is the stupid thing about trying to talk transport and living and whatever.

We did the right things. We tried to save money so we moved further and further out. Problem is, as you do that, the quality of service decreases and deceases.

So what? I got a job reasonably close to where I live - still can’t get there. Should I quit? That’s it. I moved out of the inner city so I should just become destitute?

Fuck absolutely off.

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