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Dual and user. Grateful there's an alternative to the hellscape is about to unleash on the world.

I like and .

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Since doesn't facilitate by , liberal use of hashtags can be useful.

Also, abandoning wholesale isn't necessary. If we all spend a few minutes every week on this site, it will become a viable alternative ♡♡

🗓️ Mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 12 at 10:30am ET (14:30 UTC) as we release the first images from @NASAWebb. Join an event, virtually or in your community, and celebrate with us as we #UnfoldTheUniverse:

Would any free and open source software developers here be interested in a free "basics of Rust" online training course? Something like a four hour session on a Saturday or Sunday, or two sessions of two hours, one on Saturday and one the next day.

I do paid training on this, and this would be a way for me to help the FOSS development community, and also get practice, and a bit of advertising.

Respond if you'd join. Boosts welcome.

I can't get over how spot on this whole thing is, but the particular image on this post makes me laugh every time I see it. 😂

"The world’s largest vertical farm is being built to help end the UK’s reliance on imported foods. They are experimenting with growing soft fruits, flowers, vegetables and even vines on a commercial scale. The company wants to eliminate the need to import these products. In 2020, nearly half of all food consumed in the UK was brought in from overseas, according to the government."

#Farms #Farming #UnitedKingdom #UK #Food

On Friday (Jun 10), GOOD Meat broke ground on premises in Bedok that will be the largest #CultivatedMeat production facility in Asia.

The 30,000 sq ft complex at Bedok Food City, scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023, is set to produce "tens of thousands of pounds" of #meat a year, said the US-based company.

#Singapore #food

Eco and Beyond (2019) reported that in the United Kingdom we "...waste 900,000 tonnes of bread every year in the UK. This equates to around 24 million slices, or 1 million loaves, every day. Or, almost 9 billion slices a fact, almost half of all bread produced here in the UK, 44%, is thrown away."

This #TryDayFriday can we spare a thought for the common loaf of bread and buy only what we need, perhaps freeze slices make puddings such as bread and butter pudding, turn stale slices into breadcrumbs etc.

#FoodWaste #Waste #Food #Bread

I don't say that voting is not going to get us anywhere to dissuade people from participating in elections. I say it because way too many of you still believe it is the primary strategy, when our situation is so much more dire than that.
Both parties draw absurd district maps to maintain control for whichever party is in power, which means that no amount of voting will make state & national elections actually reflect the will of the people. That's not an opinion, that's their stated plan, & it works. They keep putting more and more institutional barriers between us and free and fair elections, to the point where *even if* voting in better people could actually change the system, it would take us a minimum of eight to ten years to make that happen.
And in that time how many more will be dead. Much worse will climate change be? How many more barriers will they have put up? The goalposts shift daily.
Some of you think "voting doesn't work" is merely a slogan. It's not. It is a flat statement of fact, and I really need you to internalize it. Voting locally is important because those elections affect your direct community and are more difficult to rig. But on the national and Statewide level, there is never an option available by the general election that will actively make things better.

US, Long COVID research, PASC 

NIH is funding research into long COVID at sites all over the country. Responding to patient input, people whose COVID pre-dates the tests can now participate. If you're interested in joining a study:

I've spoken on this before, but it bears repeating because it's a very easy in to seeing what kind of liberal or Democrat you're dealing with as a leftist. I strongly believe that every liberal is either a quiet right-winger or a misinformed #leftist. We are urgently need to find out who's who, because we don't have time for circular arguments and lollygagging right now.

#elections #2016election #JillStein #liberals #democrats

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