Activision announced that Duos is coming to Warzone once they work out some issues specific to duos. My friend and I had fun discussing what might be different about duos. He wondered if it was the higher number of game chats per lobby to support since there would be 75 teams.

I wish I could always appear away on Slack on my iPhone without having to constantly toggle it because I want to not be away on other devices. This isn’t possible right?

Finally started Red Dead 2. I can’t stop playing it. So good.

On iOS 13.1 beta I am having a terrible time selecting documents in Safari. Everything is grayed out. Same file works on same site in iOS 12

@chartier Are you using iPad OS 13 beta? I can’t figure out how to open to apps at once from the home screen anymore. Only if I have one opened and then the other in the Dock to pull up.

Please stop building email apps that store our credentials and conversations on your servers.

I hate that the only way to lock the Apple Watch screen now is with water lock, which makes an audible alert when you unlock it even if your watch is on silent 🙄

I remain convinced that Slack’s implementation of threads was a total troll job to shut people up who wouldn’t stop asking for it.

It’s so terrible I get angry when people use it.

@danvpeterson Wasn't there some big 1Password for teams thing hinted out a week or so ago? Is that still coming or did I miss it?

Still can’t get over the hump in Blackout. Had our best chance yet. 2v1 to end Duos and we still screwed it up.

I have been playing a lot more Blackout than Multiplayer lately. It’s a lot of fun, can’t get that Duo win though. 2nd place 5-6 times already.

If you start feeling the cold before midnight on 12/31 does it still count as your first cold of the new year?

@JPEG Is there a way to jump all the way to the most recent Toot? Sometimes I open Mast and it’s like days behind all of the sudden.

@chartier Have you considered standing up you own Mast instance as a private social network as like a Path replacement?

@bhansmeyer Still trying to get something cool out of Snapthread. Do you have any examples posted anywhere for inspiration?

Also how does the iPhone with external keyboard still not support cmd+tab?

I am regularly annoyed that when tethering my iPad to my iPhone that there isn’t a more fine grained way to control what can use data. It’s too easy to do something you don’t want to.

@paolo For sure. My friend and I have been talking about how long this week has felt. Just brutal.

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