Show more Thought of you today when someone commented that I’m always on time for meetings...

“E, Is that your thing, being on time? I won Sundance at 24, what do you say about that kind of arrival, huh?” 🤣

How much blame, if any, does the third-party community share for the iPad’s shortcomings as a platform?

For one big example: apps have had access to a file system for years (with Document Providers). They can tap into iCloud/Dropbox/etc for opening, uploading, and saving.

I rarely see apps make this available. Tap an upload button, and Photos is likely your only option. Why haven’t developers caught up?

#iPad #iPadPro #technology

@kcase Is their an iOS limitation that prevents a custom perspective to be used for the notification badge or is that just a feature that never makes the cut?

"Does Barry Manilow know you raided his wardrobe?" -What I immediately think of any time I hear a Barry Manilow song.

So infuriating seeing the “your browser doesn’t support full screen” on embedded YouTube videos on iOS these days. Such a bullshit line from Google, it has nothing to do with my browser, it’s because you want to force people to use your shitty app and then charge people for the built in OS feature of picture in picture. Really wish more folks would stop using YouTube as the default video platform.

@JPEG Is there a way in the iPad app to browse other instances timelines like in the iPhone version?

@chartier Do you find the Local timeline to be any good on .cloud? On .social it hasn't really helped me find new people to follow (which is what I am struggling with on masto right now)

After a couple of weeks, finally tried Blackout in Black Ops 4, duos with my friend. It was way more fun than I thought and we took 3rd the second game.

Rumors of a possible new iPad mini 5 at Apple's event next week make me happy. It's a great little device and I hope it doesn't disappear.

Does anyone know if a website exists that is essentially The Wirecutter but for cleaning products and like personal care things?

I am looking for calendar hosting that is compatible with iOS Calendar but is not iCloud or Google. Any ideas?

These college football Saturdays that look horrible on paper end up being crazy. FOUR top 25 upsets and counting.

Am I the only one who thinks “balsamic” [anything] tastes horrible?

I am hoping by the end of the day I will know what my next iPhone and Apple Watch are going to be.

This week has been chock full of meetings. I know it’s a big part of my job now but it sure feels like a waste.

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