take on people's takes on federated systems being unsafe 

love all the shitty takes on twitter about how federated systems are inherently unsafe for marginalized people

also, like, federated systems don't solve ~all~ the problems, but they solve a ~bunch~..... and maybe that's enough for right now? like, incremental improvements aren't ~inherently bad~, and usually the people who are loud about them are generally... polemic about this stuff and not really tryin to Effect Change other than being ~those guys in the balcony~ in the Muppet Show


take on people's takes on federated systems being unsafe 

@er1n I would tend to think the opposite. Federated systems let people find instances that fit them. And not all toots need to be released beyond the instance, allowing people to have more private conversations. And the moderator can block people from the outside who attack the marginalized.

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