(stealing this from Twitter, but) what are the 3 things you've enjoyed best today? Boost pls, spread the positivity!


I'm a pretty staunch NDP/Green supporter these days, and it's not because of taxation, the environment or the economy.

It all boils down to one thing.

Jagmeet Singh has the moves.

This is a chinchilla's attack posture. If you see it it is already too late.

Oh boy my phone has a system update, I can't wait until nothing works in the morning!


A chinchilla in its natural habit: a dresser.

Infinity War Spoilers 


Remember playing Smash Bros Brawl like 10 years ago, wasn't that very good fucking times

It is not allowed to get 20 degrees colder overnight.

She spent weeks chewing that hole in the platform. It is her favourite escape route now and I don't have the heart to replace it.

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