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Remember playing Smash Bros Brawl like 10 years ago, wasn't that very good fucking times

It is not allowed to get 20 degrees colder overnight.

She spent weeks chewing that hole in the platform. It is her favourite escape route now and I don't have the heart to replace it.

If you have a bad day, try rubbing a chinchilla on your face until you feel better.

Anti-Business Idea: start a debt collection business, purchase outstanding debts from credit and mortgage agencies, then just forgive all the debts.

I kinda wonder if there is anything that would stop you doing that?

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I'm a white guy, my culture has been the default assumption of fantasy and science fiction for so long it seems unfamiliar for me to see it any other way. What would Lord of the Rings look like if it used Algonquin stories as a basis instead of Germanic myths? I am too ignorant of the matter to even guess, but I would love to find out.

I have seen some of the complaints about Black Panther's possible impact on Hollywood as "what if they just start pumping out sci fi/fantasy takes on whatever culture they can find a director for?"

My answer: I hope they do exactly that. I want to see all of them.

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Black Panther, non-spoilery Show more

Black Panther, non-spoilery Show more