Does anyone have a Lenovo YogaBook and can help me figure out some basic stuff? I'm trying to get a kindle reader app for it but their app store doesn't give me the option. Also, is there any way to change the OS from windows to android? Please boost for help 🙏

@BinLady I got enamored by its looks. I've heard the windows version is better

@BinLady keyboard performance is below par only plus being the sim card slot

@BinLady windows won't support android apps. Log in to the amazon/kindle website, load your book and check if theres an option to go full screen or use the browser full screen (F11 mostly)
Then if auto rotate is present enjoy reading your book in portrait mode else maybe and just maybe ctrl+alt+arrow keys can be used to rotate display

@bull500 I'm currently downloading Kindle for PC and hoping it works. It's hella slow though.

@BinLady uninstall unnecessary software like anti-virus(if you have safe online/offline habits) and disable anything that starts on boot. Atleast some of your problems will go away.

@bull500 Ah. Thanks. I haven't installed anything myself. Bought this for cheap off of ebay. I'm wondering if it is faulty or that's just the way it is.

@BinLady atom chip, it's one the slower end sadly but I think it's livable with it.
Non apple tablets are sadly under powered/specd(maybe except the new high-end Samsung tab)

@bull500 It's driving me nuts. It's not my main device but defeats the purpose if it is so slow.

@BinLady 😅 a hard step would be to reinstall windows that came with it. It's all luck from there I guess.

@bull500 Yeah I'm going to wipe it and start from scratch tomorrow. Bloody nuisance.

@bull500 When I was in college back in the day, we had internet cafés to go do basic stuff like check email. In the one in my city, you could log on, wait for the dial up connection to take while drinking a cup of coffee, and then return when the connection was made. This shit feels like that.

Android always is a VM - that's why the apps have to be written in Java and often work across platforms. Android x86 is one of a few distributions that will run on a PC. There's another that I forget the name of that installs in Windows to create a dual-boot Android and Windows setup. A friend of mine uses it.

It looks as though that distribution was Remix OS, which has been sadly discontinued. Sorry.

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