Help me get out of bed, it is too early and too damn cold. Give me your best motivational words thanks.

@BinLady the coffee is five minutes away . Get up and get that coffee

@Karaboondi I am going to add delicious vanilla sugar in my coffee, only then.

@BinLady yay . Add some Baileys for extra motivation . No one will know

@BinLady my condolences. You are on your way to become a zombie . You have 10% power left . Run to the coffee shop while you can

@BinLady That's ok it's ruined my plans of staying in bed forever too

@jookia Bitter trooth. I should come to you when I'm looking for reasons not to do things. 😐

@BinLady I don't blame you for not getting out of bed.. how cold is Berlin in the mornings these days?

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