Don't people get tired of living in performance for the world?

@gautamghosh Lol no. These colleagues better bake me some damn good German cakes soon.

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This moisturizer has lemon and mint in it and now i want to lick my own face 😂

Tomorrow colleagues get burnt garlic and egg fried rice with veggie stir fry.

@Paridhigupta I had written this for my intro.

Diversity and inclusion in organizations , workplace wellness, and Future of Work are my areas of interest.

"The human brain is designed to worry. In early human days we might have had to miss out on eating lunch, in order not to BE lunch."

Lessons on anxiety, why experiencing it is normal, and can be managed to serve us. We pass it on to our descendants in heaps. 18-24 year olds today are a whole std deviation higher than the previous generations on anxiety scales, with little guidance on managing it.

Chew on that for a moment.

@Farzivakeel My colleague considers salt as "seasoning". Bechaare.

Colleagues were mind blown. "Wow I never saw muskatblüten (mace/javitri) before! I never knew such a thing existed!" 2 cups of rice, totally inhaled. The only thing that stung was one person ate my sublime biryani with...SRIRACHA SAUCE. All are now in food coma, post lunch nap mode. 😁

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Birdsite's algo actively elbows out civil behavior to make space for dramatic screaming matches. No wonder it triggers people! It's designed to do so. Birdsite smartly turns your anger into engagement and then into advertising dollars.
It's not just about people being "bad". Birdsite's algo actively wants you to be bad. Very very BAD 😈

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Oh, I have an intro overdue.
I'm a Software Developer from Kashmir, working in Bangalore. I love football, programming, and binge watching TV Series. Trying to cut hate out of my life, so I'm here.

Appreciate any boosts.

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Be nice to writers. It's the season of literature festivals and most of them are not invited.

@shivangi Agreed. But the awe level was, I think, slightly disproportionate to the dish lol

One colleague came to India and tried gobi manchurian. He was forever changed by it. "I have never eaten cauliflower cook like this!". He talks about it in lectures with students now 😂😂😂

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@Theusualones Certainly. So far they have eaten horrible restaurant "biryani". They don't know what is about to hit their taste buds muahahahaha

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