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I am so so so so happy there's a break in this 90°f humid bullshit weather GIVE ME SWEET COLD RAINY RELEASE

So it's really need to see how these are being deployed for a "hospital waiting room" user case, instead of the usual restaurant queue. Multiple sensory alert to summon you vs waiting exhaustively attentively and anxiously for your name. Which you can hopefully hear, regardless of your medial reason for being there in the first place or any distraction you might be using to relax. A+

So happy with how this Hackathon is going this weekend :3 eventually stoped being locked in my shell and started making new friends And remembering how being social works. And this project.... I'm EXTREMELY happy with how our first gameboy project is going. My first time with this environment. Heck yeah!

Lunch took me out hard but I got to enjoy a pleasant view at least. You're so pretty, Boston ❤

IVE BEEN HERE FOR ALMOST 3 YEARS NOW AND I NEVER CAUGHT THIS I can't tell if I should be impressed or ashamed of my perception skill

Why do I feel like this is less of a set of apartment unit listings, more of a threat directed at 9 specific people

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