I scored my cybre.space account :D

So I think I''ll be moving to cybre.space/@Birdmachine

Also side note I keep missing cybre.space signups. So Like, if someone reserved Birdmachine, I'd happily buy it for $10usd? Or Barter? I want the account but I have little to offer beyond being a drunken wannabe mad engineer with 3am rants but I'll share the cot and half the limb scaveng-donatons÷

@sanspoint AHAHHAHAHA so, grindhouse is Pitts based. And I guess y'all have a rivalry that puts the Sox and Yanks to shame?

I was conflicted about possibly moving to PA to Chase my dreams soon...

Fuck it. Maybe I will just because I still can.

Maybe this year I'll focus on the Self as much as my dreams

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I think in need to re learn what it means to be my own person

Recontextualuzation is the greatest human superpower

My Aria died while I was gone and no battery changes are bringing it back Q__Q

This saraha thing keeps going through my facebook & I'm not sure if I'll jump in. Having that feedback RE how I am as a person can only be useful in becoming an even better person, but I'm not sure I have the emotional availability let alone vulnerability to handle any of that right now.

I just wanna put my head down in my projects and let the world slip away again for a little while, maybe. Crush what I can while I can, and get back to the whole human connections thing after I get somewhere.

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I'm currently trying to get an understanding of security for web fonts.

If you're like "This isn't a real problem", you probably don't know what an immense garbage fire technology is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Debating going to my cybre.space account or keep consistent with my original masto. I mean, it seems a bit closer to my aesthetic... And I can just switch back whenever if I want.

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User: “Hi, I’d like to hear a torrent #joke.”
Tracker: “I will refer you to people who can tell you a #torrent joke.”

Peer 1: “Why d”
Peer 2: “cken”
Peer 3: “road?”
Peer 4: “id th”
Peer 3: “cross”
Peer 1: “e chi”
Peer 5: “ the”

Peer 2: “the o”
Peer 4: “To ge”
Peer 1: “side.”
Peer 5: “ther “
Peer 2: “t to "

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let's be real though, cutting back on the weed intake will probably help keep the place from sliding into disrepair, too. If only weed were speedier...

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Big things are lined up, and this year ahead is going to get very interesting :) ready to rock.

Well, I will be once I sort out my lab sitch. I think if I really want it to be a functional work space, I Need to avoid also using it for stashing everything else from my clothes to my junk. It's just too much and it ends up dominating the room @_@.

Need all the space I can make functional. Would love to get an Odin in there and start understanding CRISPR!


@brownmattb I would *Highly* recommend it! The village was packed with people this year, which will hopefully convince defcon to give us maybe a little more space next year. Great talks all around, and a lot of interesting people to meet!


@troubleMoney Oh, they didn't lay out any of the material, but they came empty with a vial of agar powder, vial of yeast, and instructions :D They suggested tracing the symbol, but turns out it's tougher than I thought. Still fun, though

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