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Lrb I'd be concerned with a dictionary table, though. I don't think it would be impossible to dig up the wordbank related files and use that content for a brute force. If it's even working from a local wordbank, Idk. Idle pre Defcon speculation

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There's a password generator based on the popular comic on passwords

I got


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and that's about the time my ship blew up on me
all of my kerbals they have ceased to be
that's several hours of my wasted life
what the hell is delta-v
my friends say not to play that game
what's that game again
what's that game again

The good news is I'm actually surprisingly functional again and while there are multiple theories as to why what actually matters is I can possibly be my Functional Self on my 2nd favorite Event of the year and Hell Yes

mmmmmmmohgodohgodohgod I have to PACK tonight and PLAN and PREPARE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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I am so so so so happy there's a break in this 90°f humid bullshit weather GIVE ME SWEET COLD RAINY RELEASE

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My longest running tinder conversation is a pun war about Tacos being turned into carby knives and I'm just so delighted with this 🌮 🗡 ✨

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*references traditional bird vocabulary

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if you want a completely non-technical idea of what distributed communication is like, check out the premise of this cool RPG

Anyway I've got the start of a piece regarding Transhumanism, Biohacking, Cyborgs, and how like 99% of Articles about Biohacking Aren't. And I'm hellbent on actually writing something down and posting it VS letting it just fall into my dusty unrecorded drafts folder in nowhereseville. Lets do this...

Well, huh. Not the results I expected, but I do feel better about my general ability AND got a plan of action kicked off for the emotional stuff. So. I'll take it 🎉

Disorganized Lukewarm Disaster tip: Add calendar entries 30 minutes before they start for buffer time!

Pro Disorganized Lukewarm Disaster tip: Leave yourself a reminder if you did that...

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Programming is like a murder mystery where you're the victim, and also the detective, and also the murderer as it turns out.

Really wish there was a smart watch with as decent health tracking hardware as the fit bit charge 2 hr thing that also ran Android wear so I could use both with one device

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we've decided that @BirdMachine 's next stupid hackathon project has to be "windows 64"

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ANNOUNCEMENT: I just caught a moth and released it outside so it wouldnt get hurt stuck in our place

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