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Tried the taco Bell chicken nachos last night
They're currently eating a grim crusade through my digestive tract which the peasants will speak of in whispers for a thousand years.

Streaming my modded copy of Xenoverse 2 right now

Happy Mother's Day also to @luckmode
The kids don't have your genetic material inside them but your influence and love towards them is unmistakable.

Happy Mother's day to @thedicegoddess
You're a wonderful mother and an amazing partner

To contact me about getting a commission done, please head over to the contact page ( and simply fill out the form. I will respond within one business day with a follow up email and we’ll go from there. I take payments through paypal.

@LogicalDash Hey I mean we've all had days like that.


DBZ canon makes ALMOST as much sense as Star Wars canon
The Character, Bardock, is canon
Literally nothing he's been in on-screen is canon

I love retweeting something and then @thedicegoddess almost immediately shows me the thing that I retweeted without noticing that she's showing me a thing retweeted from my timeline

Just caught @thedicegoddess sensuously licking whipped cream off her wacom.

@Kwyndig 'Who's a handsome kit-" *whap* "Did I FUCKING say you could speak!?"

Unfriended someone I knew in middle school this week. He messaged my best friend from college, whom he'd never met, "kill yourself", because the college best friend reshared a meme that originated with Milo

First person only became aware of my college friend because I commented on the post explaining to him who Milo is

Said college friend has lived in Australia for the better part of 6 years and has no fucking clue who Milo is, he just re-shared the meme from another person's FB post

Found the very first NSFW that @thedicegoddess drew for me and it holds up REALLY well.

Welp, gotta buy some mouse traps I GUESS

I'm still real salty about Joss "I fetishize strong women and that makes me a feminist" Whedon directing Batgirl.

Caulifla is a badass warrior lady who heads a band of brutal warriors, and although Cabba is the only Saiyan in Universe 6 who has unlocked the Super Saiyan state she overpowers him in base state.

Kale seems like a fairly shy and quiet character who is capable of the most brutal and violent transformation the series has ever had.