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Casey Peavler

in the future, your microwave will detect what food is inside, incorrectly, and then when the food is done it will scream "EGGS! EGGS! EGGS!" until you open the door. also there will be a label on the door that says "you can not cook eggs in a microwave"

Long story short I'm running a tabletop game for him soon, definitely a better one than 5e tho.

Been listening to TAZ with the oldest on the rare occasions that we're in the car without the youngest.
And yesterday in the car he said something very interesting.
"Dad, I think in TAZ they're ACTUALLY playing D&D but they're making up their own story"
It took me a moment to realize that he hadn't grasped how narratives happen in D&D.
"Yeah buddy, that's how D&D is played. It's the GM and the players making up a story together."
If y'all could've seen his eyes, it was something else.

I fucking remember
Looking at twitter on my phone at my desk at the call center so my boss could pretend he couldn't tell i was using my phone on the call floor
And seeing these hit my timeline
And being really confused
And then realizing
And then feeling like the whole world had just ground to a halt

This is very important to me.
Star Wars and Pratchett are the closest things I have to a religion these days.
Star Wars fulfills the mythology niche of religion, and Pratchett fulfills the morality niche.

My heart is so happy it's gonna explode. Drove louisville-cinci-back today with the family, picked up a Discworld book (The Wee Free Men) to listen to on the way and my oldest 7 LOVED it. Wants to listent o it every night and wants a paper copy of it.

Humble Bundle was acquired by IGN. I guess Humble Bundle was fun while it lasted.

Currently in the star wars channel of the OneShot server, preaching the gospel of the Matukai

@reverend_tobias Do you follow by chance? If not you should, you very should.

Turns out I had $30 sitting around on NatureBox that was about to expire, getting down on some big island pineapple, some cookies, and some cinnamon twists

GOD DAMN I look like one handsome, glitchy motherfucker in this profile pic Domesticated Displacer Beast is now up on Patreon. To get it and more art, become a patron today! Or to support my work, consider buying me a coffee over at

Tried the taco Bell chicken nachos last night
They're currently eating a grim crusade through my digestive tract which the peasants will speak of in whispers for a thousand years.

Streaming my modded copy of Xenoverse 2 right now

Happy Mother's Day also to @luckmode
The kids don't have your genetic material inside them but your influence and love towards them is unmistakable.

Happy Mother's day to @thedicegoddess
You're a wonderful mother and an amazing partner

To contact me about getting a commission done, please head over to the contact page ( and simply fill out the form. I will respond within one business day with a follow up email and we’ll go from there. I take payments through paypal.


DBZ canon makes ALMOST as much sense as Star Wars canon
The Character, Bardock, is canon
Literally nothing he's been in on-screen is canon