@RobinHood@radical.town what's a cool thing to build on a patio? I can weld a little of that helps

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Hobbies needed! Since quar started I
-Learned to juggle
-Learned old music software
-Tried to stream
-Built exercise equipment
-Got buff
-Got way into card tricks
-Tiktoked for a minute
-Tried illustration
Please what are other fun things to do

I feel about genders the way I feel about those big blue and gold parrots. They're very cool but personally I couldn't handle the upkeep of having one around for a long time

obama: *punches me* what is picrew
me: fuck you ass hole
obama: *throws a chair at a wall* how do i get a picrew
me: got o hell

Somebody: offers me aid

Me: no thanks I'll make it work

Me making it work

ReBoot is real. all those fun little blue and green people actually live in your computer. and when you do a bad post? they get waterboarded

Performing dangerous and untested occult rituals to try to summon an Orville Peck Christmas album into reality

Uniquely juicy moment of not liking a post on bird site bc someone could see I liked it and think I'm thinking about something even though I wasn't but now I am. I am a dumbass bird playing chess against myself in a mirror.

my wife is in bed faced away and im upset she won't turn around to answer if she loves me 10 times in a row with increasing enthusiasm

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@Pixley I don't want to learn anything from podcasts!

If she's really your girl then uh
omg did she say anything about me?😍

I just don't get why occult people are into quantum theory. I have a copy of Chaos and it says NOTHING about tree spirits

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