I like Pride and Prejudice bc I like a story where people write nice letters to one another about how pretty they each are, constantly. Good, solid content

I have failed to make like a dozen chatbots, all I want is for text to speech and speech to text to work, so I can talk to the computer and it talks back. Gaaah

Angle too high? Just a regular shirt
Angle too low? All tummy

Offering 1000 spacebucks to anyone who can prove otherwise, that's how sure I am

Okay I've done the math and it is impossible to show off your crop top in a selfie without hands free mode. Can't be done

My politics: I have never once taken a selfie I've liked, and I never will.

I'm a gender agnostic..there could be genders out there, and who am i to say?

Pissed off but also p hungry so I made myself an angry omelette

trans, latin, just got laid off, asking for money 

Workin on self care and feeling good about myself to get juuuust confident enough to post lewds

alcohol mention, knife 

"hope that girl on masto that wanted to get bullied got bullied"

honestly im not sure which one they meant but i hope all of you that wanted to got bullied. :slimeheart:

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