@tengoal I am still on Twitter a bit but mostly to recruit to here. My 4th and last account (no single point of failure, kids!) is @Bitc01nBelle and still operational. The Miss Honey one is suspended but still "appears" to be operational despite my inability to use it as a result of a tweet about Sarah Jeong. :)

@MrHodl Since posts don't thread, maybe you can repost this request with a hashtag or something that identifies you are talking about or something like that.

Btw, I think it's a good opportunity to talk to Phillip Liu their COO. He's a nice man and seemed principled and reasonable when I met him. Nice son as well who was awarded a CS degree from Cornell last year.

@tengoal I was here 2 years ago! I am so happy to see that you people finally caught up. 😜

Ladies and gentlemen.

Bitmain seems to have run out of cash reserves as they spent all their money on BCash. They spent 70% of there operating cashflow from 2016 to q1 2018 on BCash. They have $880m of bcash on the balance sheet and only $100m of USD

As a result they are desperate to be bailed out. They are raising money pre IPO and will then do an IPO

@hugo @MrHodl bitcoinist is known for being an absolutely horrible publication, this just reaffirms that belief

I need some help. I log in here to mastodon.social and there are follow requests from people via bitcoinhackers.org So If I follow here, does it cross-polinate?

Come find me on bitcoinhackers.org as Bitcoin Belle only without my book cover as an avatar. I think I need an elephant one.

Heading over to bitcoinhackers.org but will keep this account, as well. This place is a boys' delight with all the tootin'.

@MrHodl @stephanlivera Out of curiosity, why weren't you guys on board 2 years ago when a few of us suggested moving? What was the thing that changed your mind?

@mikeinspace "Remote data could not be fetched" therefore unable to follow. Checking if you can see toots.

Guide to new Mastodon users: the furries control the east block, the French control the exercise yard, and the infosec people and gamerdevs have forged an alliance

@rysiek It wasn't the rise in price but rather the propulsion of Blythe Masters to the forefront of the financial conversations with her "It's all about the blockchain" bullshit. That cunt is a curse.

@shainekennedy Most of the OGs I know gave most of their bitcoin to others so you could hear about it. You ready to sacrifice generational wealth for a cause? :)

@hntooter Here in Hollywood Hills, Uber, Lyft and Waze have refused to cooperate with local neighborhoods causing serious problems for locals. My sympathies for Uber are therefore minimal.

@beautyon I deleted my FB account in 2011 but have just created one for Bitcoin Belle with the intent of it being a defensive move. Do you suggest I use it or Google to use this app?

@Polistodon After 2 permanent bans on Twitter and a temporary suspension until I remove a about Sarah Jeong, I'm over it and determined to make the most of this here. Tips on how are appreciated. :)

Fuck @Jack 

Eventually, the rebels appear to be the saints, the outlaws, the saviors.

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