Final thoughts on Mastodon, it is what I make of it. I can't use it as a consumption platform, no one I know is on it yet. But I can create and add to the community.

@SerenadeXS That's how I see it too. I post infrequently, but it's mostly about sharing my thoughts rather than coming to consume. I almost like that, even though it's not as stimulating as other sites - until I remind myself that it is as stimulating as my effort to contribute to it.

@Bja For real. And maybe the more I use it, the more other people would be interested in it. But for now, I will continue to contribute what I can to the fediverse 😊

@SerenadeXS totally unrelated - have you seen WireGuard? Super nifty replacement for IPSec/OpenVPN. Looked at it today with the Algo project.

@Bja no not at all. I will have to look into it. Thanks for the heads up

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