Idea: Build a generative, virtual world around a blog or memex/zettelkasten. The world would inspect the contents of each note, derive some signals from it (e.g. using NLP to understand tone, attitude, work out content). Imagine a museum where each hall is for a given note, or a tightly-clustered collection of notes. Paintings and segments hang from the wall depicting your content. Links between notes are doorways to other rooms.


The style, lighting, ambiance, and more of each room would be 100% derived from the contents of the note. If you edit a note, it may subtly or drastically remodel its virtual room.

On the walls are paintings or notable segments from the text. As you approach them, text-to-speech would read or describe them to you.

Mix in some GPT-3 so that an avatar of the note itself could talk to you about the contents of the note, and recommend other rooms to explore.

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In some ways, this is just another web browser - but perhaps it would be designed to reject websites that don't keep it simple and focused. Twitter and Mastodon would likely be out, in that sense.

Perhaps, though, if Twitter and Mastodon supported a reasonable protocol that clients could consume on their own (ActivityPub or RSS might work), then when you enter such a room would look like a conveyor belt, or maybe a pool that as you stare in it stares back with recent posts.

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