Today finally custom built project is done. It started as purchase of Classic 500 EFI and now turned into very capable offroader. Behold: L'esprit de Miribel. The One and only.

Perfect weather for this weekend! Took my 890R for a spin around mountains.

Beautiful weather this Saturday. Took a ride along Azerbaijan border.

Can not live a day without my 890 Adventure R. This just makes every day special. Even on short spin around the hills above

Today we took our out for a spin to highland plateau. Beautiful sunny day, managed to get back before sunset.

Lot of effort and cash goes into to turn it from stock to highly personalized vehicle. Here is deeply modified 790 Adventure. With the best suspension upgrade and many other small and big things to make it exciting ride.

Frosty morning in Tbilisi. Riding in subzero temperatures is very refreshing. Will need to wear warmer clothing now.

Sunny November. River is actual birder between 🇬🇪 and 🇦🇿 stopped there to take few pictures of my but border guards came and told that I have to move out as it is restricted area.

Let's talk about that is being used by cat when I'm away in office. I gather it means that Autumn is in full swing with temperatures outside even on sunny day on lower end.

Let's talk about Today my KTM 890 Adventure R is stripped naked to install some Powerparts. GPS wiring, tire pressure sensors, new Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires, Scottoiler kit and some other items. Hope to get it done in few hours...

Let's talk - Finally Husqvarna announced release of Norden. It was very promising concept but stayed in development for too long even though it was based on KTM 890 Adventure platform. I could not wait so long for Norden, so in the end I opted for KTM 890 Adventure R and I do not regret this choice, especially looking at currently released Norden. But 2022 promises to be very exciting year in motorcycle industry anyway with many new exciting arrivals. Meanwhile here is my KTM:

Well, this is going to be the first post in this social network. I truly hope it is going to grow and develop to take significant place among currently operating platforms. I joined because I do share approach on design of this network - as separate units, controlled by users and not by automated systems of companies. Internet as it was in early days.


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