Alright, I made my mind, time to move to another instance

I more or less spent the afternoon to understand the Actor/Arbiter system of actix but now I think I got it :D

I wish I had some friends that watched and liked the Monogatari series as much as I do so I can talk about it

I technically have badminton tonight, I don't know how I will play, my legs are already dead and my back is dying

I mean after five years we will be in the same school again, I light over reacting but isn't that crazy?!

Always nice and funny to learn that an old friend from high school that I haven't really met since then is in the same school that I will be in Canada also for a double degree

Back in the bus again, heading to South of France now. Then 2h of car pooling and I will be finally home \o/ (ETA: tomorrow, noon)

Alright I am in the bus to leaving Brussels. Heading to Paris now but I hurt my knee on my way to the station do the day will not be really funny :/

The remix of "Paint it black" by Ramin Djawadi for the Westworld's OST is really awesome

This afternoon something that I can qualified as very weird happened to me.
Some random English speaking dude came to me as I was walking in the streets (in Brussels) and ask me if it was okay to take my portrait. Apparently he is photographing portraits of random people of all over the world.
Just for him. Just for fun. Like a hobby.

> restaurants in Japan: unlimited free tea
> restaurants in Europe: 3.50鈧 for 25cl of water

Don't know what is worse between the girl talking from yesterday or the old dude snoring heavily from tonight

Alright the afternoon is starting and so is the headache

Damn it I forgot my hat in a room, the time I realized the room was almost full :"(

First conference of the day "I wanted to learn Rust to I wrote a Python interpreter"

OMG OMG it really happened! The light is off and the annoying speakers have stopped. Good. Night.

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