Idea: Make "Random instance/Fastest instance" options when choosing an Invidious/Nitter/Bibliogram instance. Also make an "Exclude instances with Cloudflare" option for this.

Also, a bug report: only bibliogram.art shows up in the Bibliogram instances list, even though there are 4 of them in this list: framagit.org/tom79/fedilab_app

A feature that allows to automatically block bots when they follow your account despite you write #nobot in your bio? #poll


crashes when clicking the earth icon to pick instances when there is no internet connection. It should say "no internet connection available" instead.

I wonder if my phone won't break if I uninstall the app. Pretty sure I can do it with Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.

What Superhero Comics u like better?

For #NitterizeMe, I can introduce a URL unshortener for most popular domains (bit.ly, t.co, goo.gl, etc.)
Being able to know where shortened links are trying to redirect you before visiting the site is something that could be useful?

You might or might not have heard of a new YouTube alternative, .
You can check details about it here:
And also register your account on:
You don't even need a email address to register, which definely reduces the chance for spam. I also have made an account here:

1.1.0 is finally available on . Although, I still don't know how to revoke and link permissions (like youtu.be and google.com/maps) a.d enable them to this app, like, can I even do it without /root? I have with , if that info helps. @fedilab

I have finished mass-leaving channels and now my phone is usable again!

BTW, if you want to contact me through , you can find me with either @BlackWinnerYoshi or my phone number (+48690238439, same one I use for my quicksy.im account)

Dear Indian Mastodon users,

Please try to understand the choice architecture that Twitter/FB creates for you - things like # of retweets, no content warning - designed to discourage real dialogue/interaction and promote "virality" of content by inciting you. If you bring the same behavior here, you might get banned or worse, you might ruin this platform without realizing it.

Please boost 🔁 if you understand my concern. Thanks!

[Read the CoC for this instance here:

mastodon.social/about/more ]

Looks like made a bvll5h!t decision to break all unofficial clients that use tokens to access .

You know, I think this is a perfect moment to start an ad on .

I'm thinking about switching my default search engine from to , should I do it?

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