La migliore medicina contro ogni problema e' sempre la buona FICA

Don't follow me . I have only a one way ticket to death .Someone will come with me . Likes or not . When you betray the price to pay is high . The time to forgive is overload . I gave it and in end i have been hitted hurted much more . Wtf is that correct ?No . I dont think .

Italian Justice ,Ordinary Social Etc as well as law is a monster . Just mafia is well accepted . Poor people is ruined by long time . Fy a day corrupted judges etc you shall to pay .

Hi . Just for improvemnts puprpose i would like to talk with some Japanese . Man ,Woman are all welcomes mine is intrestsing in your culture. Unfortunately i had a friend with which we worked toghether in Italy only for few months . But i have good souvenirs. First of all as he splatted me on the ground using some martial art for kidding me . I went down like a tree 😀😀😀😀😀with all my 90 kg a thunder . Well if you are intressed i am here. Thx. Share culture . Thx .

Intresting reportage covid can attacks stomac intestin before lungs, we can survives

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