12 Days of Christmas is off to a hot start around here. FLIRC raspPI case and a 8 TB Seagate HDD for the Thinkserver. My HTPC stack is getting some more storage and a new client device this year!

"if Beethoven is so famous, then how come he isn't on a bubblegum card?

Between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is kinda like the Star Wars prequel. Meh, but we all still went to it.


Just getting some reps in before the wishbone.

Happy Turkey Day!


Tis the season for ear infections, but did you know that 70% of ear infections are viral, not bacterial, meaning that 70% of the time standard of care antibiotics are NOT effective at treating them?

Instead, use garlic drops in their ears at the first sign of them tugging at their ears and prevent ear infections all winter long!

We can honor veterans by not creating another one. Never vote R or D.

California motorists after Sacramento bait-and-switched the gas tax referendum:

Every time I accept the updates for the latest release of one of my Usenet stack applications - Radarr, Sonarr, Nzbget or Emby...

I hate his wall. I hate his tariffs. I hate his corporatism. In general, I hate him....but I love when he BTFO's Fake News!!

I'll be wrapping up my 2018 goal to 'de-product' myself by closing my Facebook account by end of year, in favor of open source, block chain, or alternative social media.

Looking forward to 2019 on Mastodon, Minds, Gab and Sociall!

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