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My advice if you ever work for free for anyone: write them an invoice with the REAL value, and then add a 100% discount.
Even when you work for free, you want people to know that this work has value, some real one :)

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I worship thighs because that's where the kickies come from.

I just bought a 90 fps phone and my brain exploded when I opened the app drawer. 🤯

You know you're a Southerner when Waffle House is one of the first to tell you "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Anyone one else have sex while listening to Jeopardy? Just me? Ok.

Started a new jacket, shout out to @butchovision over on twitter

I never know what to fucking say on these platforms. SO here it goes. I feel like no other game well fulfill me the way Final Fantasy XII well right now.

When you wanna be bart but you feel like milhouse.

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With every storm and heatwave people are literally dying from conditions caused by climate change but sure it's not really happening and now is a GREAT time to strip the EPA of its regulatory powers and mine and burn more coal.

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The worst thing about publishing your writing is that someone... might read it.

I'm tired of looking at 3d printed Bulbasaurs now

dear internet if your store doesn't work with uBlock Origin I'm simply not buying anything from your site.

New to any open source devs, game developers, or it security people I should be following?


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