i still have a twitter cuz my posts need to go somewhere.

“ideals” and “morals” is fucking fake. everyone is self serving. empathy is an impossible emotion. the internet is a tv show.

humans cant ^w^ and it pisses me off all they can do is :-)

horny post 

work, slurs 


i was so excited to get accustomed to this website. but it feels like every day now its some new thing. and i know its just you guys fairly reacting to things that are happening. but to me its overwhelming, and i cant help but just, hate and punish myself for it. its overwhelming and i dont feel safe anymore. i feel like someones going to find my and try and hurt me and im scared. im sorry.

i cant handle this. i cant handle this. i cant handle this. i need to ditch for a while. im sorry. theres so much shit happening. im so sorry. i hate myself so much. i need to stop. i need to get off this website i cant fucking handle it. theres so much going on i dont feel safe i need to go.

self hate. suicide mention. 



the word “crap” is really bad when used to literally describe the act of shitting.

*degrasse tyson voice* actually, urine is “stored” in the bladder

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