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How are messages timed/ordered into the federated stream?

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11,637 images of 280 individual primates from 14 species used to train primate facial recognition

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An instance to act as a Mastodon/Twitter portal... • r/Mastodon

I would like to see an instance that acts as a portal from Mastodon into Twitter, and maybe vice versa. Call it @Twitter.portal So you could...

Peter Adamson on Twitter

“Coming up this Sunday on , our second installment of the Africana series in which we will really start at the beginning: the philosophical interest of cave painting and other prehistoric artefacts from Africa.”

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" brain imaging shows our thoughts begin before we are aware of having them."

Is this true?

I have an idea for a that I can't find and don't have sufficient time/experience to develop.

A " chart cookbook".
Any suggestions?


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