I have moved to bofa.lol please follow @blix@bofa.lol

If ya'll wanna follow my bofa.lol account then @blix@bofa.lol have at it

Honestly unsure if I should move to bofa.lol or stay here and keep bofa as a profile that I can use in school (cause main mastodon is blocked but the other instances are fine)

I want a tall bf so he can carry my 4'11 ass everywhere.

(Also piggy back rides)

You young people are so freaking spoiled, back in my day we had to teach ourselves html or bbc so we could even DO things like “hide content” & “make hyperlinks” uphill both ways in vBulletin and WE LIKED IT

Find out your GAY NAME!

Your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

My last name

tbh this is the first social media where I haven't had a person say that I'm bad for being a furry.

oh my god alex jones made a tumblr and the result was exactly what you would expect

I saw the very real surreal adverts pop back up into my life and I thought about how the website is defunct now. youtube.com/watch?v=7FULl5Oinp

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Yo who up for buying munchsters.com domain and turning it into a mastodon instance

🐉 ⏲️ 🐉 ⏲️ 🐉 ⏲️ 🐉 ⏲️

Lets all put this abomination of early internet onto our pages. (boost if you hate mondays)

Boost this picture of The Beavis and Butthead videogame GWAR concert to raise awareness of the nineties.

Instead of we now have who made this hashtag, I did and I also don't take criticism

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