I just pushed out a new blog post detailing the plans and roadmap for #FreeTube in 2021. Feel free to give it a read and let me know what you think.


@FreeTube it's a great read! I love FreeTube, the rewrite was really worth it IMO. But a question: has integration ever been considered? It's a great feature in , but there is no real desktop alternative for that 😋


It's definitely something that would be neat to include, though it's likely a feature that's gonna be a bit too ambitious for the time being. I want to focus solely on the YouTube functionality and if we no longer need to do that then I can consider another service. PeerTube would be at the top of my list however.

@FreeTube @Bloodaxe i agree with peertube. It would be nice to have it. And I would prefere bigger updates and less frequent. And thanks for your work

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