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Dogs are animals. They have instincts. They need to be trained and socialized properly. They are not born to satisfy your pure egoism wanting to have something to cuddle. Get a plushie instead!
"(Nicht mehr) auf den Hund gekommen: „Corona-Hunde“ fluten Tierheime | hessenschau DAS THEMA" auf YouTube an

Daily Nonsense: "Kill Bill, take a chill-pill." 💊


I've just discovered this park which is just a piece of forest left in the middle of a city! More parks like this please

"You're here because of the... what?"


"Yes, but for what exactly?"

"The beginner guitar lessons."

I stared blankly up at the tall gray man, in his oddly lumpy trenchcoat and rows of sharp teeth. "Oh yes! The guitar lessons! Sorry, haven't had my afternoon coffee, come right in," I smiled brightly, not wanting to let on that I didn't actually live here. Good thing I had room for dessert.

He was surprisingly crunchy.

At least as a wife or a husband or other loved one (in a sexual way) I would think that this is a pretty unromantic way... 😅

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Would you feel honoured if someone you know (wife/husband/ relative/etc.) would dedicate a law-book to you? 🤔

Too early at work: "Please, don't talk to me. I'm in energie-saving mode." (Need Al the remaining power to concentrate)

Though I would put the diced ham in right in with the vegetables ... or let it cook first? 🤔

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Simple Stew:
-boil up potatoes in pan with enough water, but not too much (potatoes should not swim in it)
-while cooking let a pack of frozen vegetables(-pack) (for soups out of freezer) defrost on the side
-If potatoes are good cut them into pieces with the spatula inside the pan
-add a cup of chicken paste for soups and the defrosted vegetables to it, let it boil up and spice it to your liking. (Don't forget to stir, so nothing sticks to the ground)
-add wiener or some diced ham

"If you had a horrible fate you knew you couldn't escape, would you pretend you did it by choice, or resist and be forced?"
"A very specific question," the witch said. "Marriage?"
"Dragon tribute."
"Oh, that's not so bad. The dragon will ask if you consent."

How does one define her-/him-/them-/itself?
Or: How do I define myself? (Like how to do that?)

When I was small, I believed my granduncles' old tub was a time machine. This was partially their fault; sometimes, after I exited, they would dress up as historical figures and have high tea with me and then insist I take another dip to clean off my face... And lo, I would be back to the present, with my granduncles wondering where I'd been.

Turns out it's the transport pod to their spaceship and suddenly my gills made sense.

Similies dripped off him like blood from the liver in the butcher's hand and pooled around his feet like sin.
"Take them," he pleaded, arms stretched out as if to topple the world, "rid me of these images that haunt me like... like..."
And with that, the curse was broken.

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