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Breaking News

US becomes country with most surpassing China. So Trump did make America great again. We're number 1, We're number 1!!!

Should we believe White House physician that Trump's test for the came back negative?

Colombia to expel four European visitors for violating quarantine

People in Britain aged over 70 will be instructed by the government to stay in strict isolation for four months

Hindu group touts cow urine elixir for

Dozens of Hindu activists held a cow urine party in the Indian capital Saturday to protect themselves from the new , as countries around the world struggle to control the deadly pandemic. Members and supporters of All India Hindu Mahasabha staged fire rituals and drank from earthen cups to fight COVID-19 at the gathering in New Delhi dubbed a “gaumutra (cow urine) party”.

BREAKING: Georgia’s March 24 presidential primaries have been postponed until May because of fears over the coronavirus. Louisiana also plans to postpone its primary.

BREAKING: Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel tests positive

Trump’s psyche threatened as takes away his rallies

“They are his lifeline,” said Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee. “He’s very good at this, because his life depends on it, not just the life of his presidency but the life of his psyche. The rallies are really the most critical crutches that he’s had. He needs his followers more than his followers need him.'”

France is shutting down all restaurants, cafes, cinemas and non-essential retail shops, as the coronavirus continues to spread

Virus update:
• Spain to follow Italy into lockdown as virus cases soar
• Iran death toll from virus passes 600; Syria shuts schools
• US travel ban extends to UK, Ireland
• Italy reports about 3,500 new cases in 24 hours

Syria death toll 384,000 after nine years of war

Allegedly, China has only 3193 deaths since Dec 2019. Yet, Italy already has 1441 in only 1 month and a mortality rate of 6.8%.

During his first three years in office, with Mitch McConnell’s assistance, President Trump was able to name nearly as many appellate judges as President Obama appointed over two terms.

Italian officials say new virus cases jumped 20% in one day. Italy now has to more than 21,000 cases.

Remember China allegedly only has 80,973 cases. I think they have been lying to the world.

We need to plan now in case Trump loses in November — but refuses to leave the White House!

We need to quarantine Donald Trump: He’s confused, ignorant and afraid

As I watched him epically fuck up the most important moment of his presidency when he addressed the nation from the oval office my thought was this: What’s going to happen when the numbers of deaths begin to climb, and his numbers begin to tank? They will. This lawless maniac is capable of anything. Donald Trump is fully capable of making plans to cancel the election in November to save himself.

Trump is still trying to blame Obama for his blunders

"I don’t take responsibility at all"

What great leadership, it brings a tear of confidence to my eye.

said Google is building a website to determine whether people need tests for -19 and then has delusion that "Google has 1700 engineers working on this right now." Not true.

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